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Saturday, 17 November 2012

HTC One X+ Available these days Through AT&T for $199 with Two-Year Contract.

Your sequel to HTC’s beloved one X, the One X+, has become out on AT&T, in almost all its plus glory. With mobile phones likes the Samsung Galaxy S III, Note II, Nexus 4 and other mid-range Android handsets available, HTC couldn’t remain to let its competitors hog this spotlight.

If you held off on getting your hands on the One X earlier this holiday season, which was pretty much a harbinger to the quad-core revolution, now’s your chance to own on the list of coolest devices around, running Android os 4. 1 no less. Different specs include 1. 7GHz Tegra 3+ quad-core brand, HTC Sense 4+, 2100 mAh electric battery, 8-megapixel camera, 1GB of RAM or longer to 64GB of internal storage space.

The device runs for $199 together with two-year contract

T-Mobile USA appoints new Marketing Officer.

T-Mobile USA is in a transition phase right now to express the least. After picking up the latest CEO, it is now moving forward into its acquisition (really a new reverse takeover) with MetroPCS. There's now a bit more shakeup going around, and T-Mobile is appointing the latest CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) on the company. Michael Sievert is a marketing veteran with over 19 years of experience in the phone system industry, formerly holding positions from Clearwire, AT&T Wireless, Microsoft along with IBM.

The appointment of the latest CMO will be important on the future of T-Mobile's branding along with image, which has suffered nowadays. As the company attempts in order to transition from postpaid to prepaid and move far from its dependence on device financial assistance, T-Mobile is going to need a lot of marketing help to figure things out and keep customers aboard.

Tweet Lanes additionally falls victim to Twitter's 100, 000-token control.

Several bad news for fans from the Tweet Lanes Twitter client. Developer Chris Lacy drops word tonight that the app won't be capable of getting past Twitter's 100, 000-user expression limit, which it's recently begun enforcing prior to the March 2013 API changes. (A promising Windows Phone 8 buyer also just bit the dust as a result as well. )

Writes Lacy:

Therefore it saddens me greatly to announce that going forward, I won't be actively developing Tweet Lanes as I have to this point. The cold hard reality is that with this immovable, 100, 000 person ceiling, my plans for growing and finally monetizing the app are don't feasible.

This will likely be disappointing news for a lot of of you, but given I spent a great chunk of my spare time for 10+ months working on this app, believe me after i say this decision pains me over it does anyone else.

I'm disappointed the app is not feature comprehensive, that I won't be competent to implement my planned premium functions, and that I won't have the ability to demonstrate some of the cool UX ideas I had (especially in the tablet space). Likewise, I continue to feel clearly that Twitter users are under-served about Android, and I regret that I won't have the ability to give my all to aim to change that situation.

For what it's worth, I have given serious consideration to creating and selling the latest 'Tweet Lanes Pro' application. Easily ever reached the 100k user limit for this application, that would clearly be worth my time, and I could do whatever I saw easily fit in creating that app in terms of Twitter's requirements. I am on the other hand, very hesitant about pursuing this strategy, as it seems like a slap in the face on the people who helped me encourage the app via 'free intended for life', even if this circumstance was as a result of factors outside of my control.

One little ray of sunlight is that Lacy says he will probably provide bugfixes and new functions "as time permits, " together with possibly ("if/when, " Lacy says) an App. net port.

Give Lacy's full post a read at the link below. And be sure to let Twitter really know what you think of its proceed to shut out developers.

Egypt school bus crash

The bus was carrying a lot more than 50 children between the age range of four and six when it had been hit by a speeding educate in southern Egypt.
Hospital authorities said between seven and 11 wounded were being treated in 2 different facilities, many with cut limbs.

At least 47 children were confirmed killed.

Distraught families searched for signs of themselves along the tracks at the site of the accident, near al-Mandara village within the province of Assiut.

Books, school bags and children's socks were strewn down the tracks near the mangled shuttle.

A security official said the item appeared the railroad crossing was not closed as the train sped when it comes to it.
One witness said the train pushed the bus down the tracks for nearly half kilometer.

Angry villagers berated officials within the aftermath of the latest disaster hitting the country's railway system.

Accidents traced to negligence regularly left scores dead over the rule of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, who has been accused of valuing loyalty over competence in many appointments of senior officials.

Saturday's tragedy may be the worst since the country's very first freely elected president, Mohammed Morsi, took power come july 1st.

The state news agency MENA reported that the transport minister offered his resignation on the president.

The agency said Morsi ordered an investigation into the accident and said that those responsible will be held accountable.

Egypt's railway system has a poor safety record, mostly attributed on badly maintained equipment along with poor management.

The railway's worst disaster occurred in February 2002 when a train heading to southern Egypt caught fire, harming 363 people.

Media reports quoted official statistics saying that the rail and road accidents claimed a lot more than seven-thousand lives in 2010.

How to setup the right APN on the Nexus 4.

For many individuals, buying the Nexus 4 will likely be their first time stepping into several different arenas. First GSM device, 1st unlocked device, first time utilizing a prepaid carrier. Once everything is setup there's not a lot of difference in using a good unlocked GSM phone, but unfortunately it isn't really always 100 percent frictionless. On the list of only things that the user is likely to have to change on their particular devices when putting a SIM in is the APN (Access Point Name) options.

Each carrier has distinct APN settings that let the phone operate on the system. It works in conjunction while using the SIM to get you setup and registered on the network for full-speed data and also texts and MMS. We're going to provide you with a quick run-down of the most popular U. S. carrier's APN settings and how to set them high on the Nexus 4. Join us following the break.
Choosing the right APN

If you plan on using your recently unwrapped Nexus 4 on either AT&T or T-Mobile postpaid companies, you won't need any added configuration. The devices come out from the box with the carrier's proper APN settings preloaded inside the software. That's a good thing, because you shouldn't have to help fiddle with APN settings to utilize your phone right out from the box.

Our resident Brit, Alex Dobie, also explained that every unlocked phone that's find his desk (that's many phones) has had the right APNs loaded or available without special configuration -- even for your more obscure carriers out generally there. Maybe it's just lucky, or it could be he lives in a continent of civilized those that like network interoperability, who appreciates. What we do know is that while using the Nexus 4 (or any additional unlocked device, for that matter) on a Prepaid carrier here in the states takes just a touch much more work.

We've gone to the main Prepaid carrier's support pages in addition to found the APN settings which have been suggested by the carrier. Setting up your device with your APNs should get you working without any major troubles. Fill out everything exactly as you see on the chart below, leaving blank everything either not listed or grayed out and about here:

Unfortunately, there's really no golden APN that works perfectly for you personally on every carrier. For the obscure fringe cases, we suggest you have a look in our Nexus 4 forums to see what other users can report for ones area and carrier.
Creating in addition to editing APNs

Although adding and editing APNs isn't probably the most transparent thing ever, it's pretty darn close. Open up the settings menu of your respective device, head to "More... " and "Mobile networks. " You can be greeted with an "Access Level Names" menu, tap that to purchase the fun part.

You'll likely see some sort of default APN loaded when you insert the SIM card in your device. As we reviewed above, this may or may not (likely the latter) give the phone completely working cellular characteristics. Hit the overflow menu button down at the bottom right corner of your tv screen and tap "New APN". Once in this view, you can take a short look at the chart above (or another APN listing you've found) and go down the list entering the appropriate values. Again, anything missing or grayed out inside the chart above can be left blank with no adverse effect.

Once you're carried out creating that APN, tap which overflow menu button again in addition to hit "Save". You can now tap the radio button next to the fresh APN to activate it, and then continue on to help delete the preloaded non-working APN if you have one. Reboot your phone and you should now have working data, texts as well as other cellular functions -- assuming which the APN was created properly.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Google and Dish Community to launch new data-only service by mid 2013.

Google is constantly on the weave its web of global dominance with plans for any new Wireless Service. Just yesterday we heard rumors that Google may very well be teaming up with satellite-TV company Dish Network to launch a unique wireless service in hopes to compete with companies Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile and break the stronghold they may have on the market. According to 9to5Google they are more than just rumors. Apparently, Google is already deep into development plans along with the service could launch as early as mid-2013.

In 2008 Dish Network acquired a significant amount of wireless spectrum and it has been looking for partners who are not currently in the cellular sector. Google fits this description and will be the perfect partner, since it includes a lot to gain. Currently, certain wireless carriers block most of Google’s services such as Google Wallet and Google Voice. If Google wishes to gain control of its services, providing its own wireless multilevel to users could dramatically increase the potency of its products. According to the actual reports, Google would offer facts only plans with SMS along with Voice working only through VoIP services, which could really shake the entire industry! Seeing Google’s aggressive pricing strategy nowadays, it isn’t hard to suppose Google might undercut the other wireless carriers by way of a significant margin by offering the wireless services for extremely minimal costs.

Samsung seeks details of Apple’s HTC patent settlement.

So that they can stop Apple from imposing a sales ban on their products in the U. E., Samsung is seeking to have got Apple disclose the terms with their patent settlement with HTC. The lands for the court request are which the patents in question may be in connection with those that Apple had claimed were infringed upon by Samsung – especially, user experience patents which Apple company had previously refused to license to anyone. If they turned around and licensed these patents to be able to HTC, Apple will have difficulty convincing courts that the $1 billion in compensation isn't enough to maintain them happy.

Though a sales ban is seeming increasingly unlikely just for this particular case, Apple and Samsung will probably be duking it out in legal courts well into 2014, and the actual end result of this request could easily set the stage for patent disputes ahead.

It's great to see that will Apple may be put ready where they have to license their more ridiculous patents a lot more freely, but one still has to be able to wonder what made Apple alleviate up and accept a settlement with HTC to begin with. Any ideas? Maybe Tim Cook would like to relax Apple's image a little bit, or maybe just save about legal fees?

Obama speaks to Israeli, Egypt leaders.

Us president Barack Obama spoke separately in order to Israeli and Egyptian leaders Friday night as violence escalated with Gaza, and Israel signaled some sort of possible ground invasion.

Rockets landed away from Jerusalem and two struck in close proximity to Tel Aviv on Friday nighttime, panicking people who have normally been away from the range of the missile attacks caused by Hamas-controlled Gaza.

Hamas, a U. S. -designated terror group, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed the strikes were improved missiles that contain greater range. They were the very first Hamas rockets to be targeted at Jerusalem, and the first because the 1990s to come near Tel Aviv.

The White House says Israeli Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Obama Friday to produce an update on the situation. Netanyahu expressed appreciation to Obama and the American people for U. S. investment in the Iron Dome rocket and mortar immune system. The Iron Dome system utilized by Israel to blow up Hamas rockets within the air intercepted rockets fired toward Ashdod in southern Israel, using the Haaretz newspaper.

Obama reiterated U. S. support for Israel's to self-defense and discussed possible methods to scale back the conflict, White House said. It would not offer specifics.

In all, 27 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed.

People in Gaza have also been hurrying to find supplies regarding a wider war. Egypt's prime minister was in Gaza trying to organize some sort of cease-fire, while thousands of members in the Muslim Brotherhood protested against Israel with Cairo.

Israel said it would recognize a cease-fire while Prime Minister Hesham Kandil was in Gaza on the condition that Gaza do a similar. But more missiles were fired.

Apart from the strikes toward Jerusalem, several rockets hit local communities in southern Israel, injuring one woman and forcing whole communities to cover in safe rooms or animal shelters. Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad include fired about 500 rockets from Israeli towns since last weekend break

Verizon continues to roll out 4G LTE with a number of new markets.

The particular Verizon 4G LTE rollout carries on again today with several new markets going live across the country. Customers in the following markets must be seeing LTE go live these days:
Ironwood, Michigan
Galesburg, Illinois
Wheeling, Western side Virginia
St. Clairesville, Ohio
Louisa, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, King George and Charles City areas in Virginia

At this point it's surprising that Verizon is finding places that don't nevertheless have LTE, given how many markets we see go live every week.

Hamas focuses on Jerusalem in major escalation.

Palestinian militants aim at Jerusalem for the 1st time on Friday, launching a rocket attack on the holy city in a important escalation of hostilities as Israel pressed forward with a relentless campaign of airstrikes in the Gaza Strip.

Israel called up a huge number of reservists and massed troops across the border with Gaza, signaling a ground invasion with the densely populated seaside strip may very well be imminent. The attack on Jerusalem, along with an earlier strike on the actual metropolis of Tel Aviv, raised the likelihood that Israel would soon move in.

Israel triggered the current preventing by assassinating the military chief with the ruling Hamas militant group on Wednesday, then conducting dozens of airstrikes on weapons-storage sites utilized by rocket squads. The sudden attack came in reply to days of heavy rocket flames from Gaza.

Israeli leaders have threatened to widen the operation in the event the rocket fire doesn't halt. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said choices included the possible assassination of Hamas' prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh, as well as other top leaders.

"Every time that Hamas fires there will be a more and more severe response, " he told Sales channel 2 TV. "I really recommend each of the Hamas leadership in Gaza not to try us again.... Nobody can be immune there, not Haniyeh but not anybody else. "

While Israeli military officials insist they have got inflicted heavy damage on Hamas, there was no halt to the militants' skyrocket fire. Hundreds of rockets are actually fired, including a number of sophisticated weapons no time before used.

The rocket attack on Jerusalem was unprecedented, setting off the eerie wail of air raid sirens along the city shortly after the beginning of the Jewish sabbath, a time period when roads are empty. Police said the rocket landed in an open area southeast of town. Earlier Friday, Hamas fired a rocket at Tel Aviv that also landed in an open area.

Israel's two largest cities have never before been exposed to skyrocket fire from Hamas-ruled Gaza.

16GB Nexus 10 tablet back in stock with Google Play.

I told you how the 16GB Nexus 10 tablet was sold out, but now i have good news for you, as it appears the model is again open to order from the Google Play Store.

However, if you’re seeking the 32GB Nexus 10 variation, that version is still had sell outs, so you’ll have to wait even more to get it.

The Nexus 10 is Google’s first tablet meant to fight Apple’s iPad but also Microsoft’s Surface, and it will be interesting to view how many units the Search giant can move this holiday season.

In the event you forgot, we’re looking at a tool that features an impressive 10. 055-inch exhibit with 2560 x 1600 decision, a dual-core Exynos 5 Twin processor (ARM Cortex-A15), 2GB of RAM, 16/32GB storage, 5-megapixel digicam, 1. 9-megapixel front-facing camera along with Android 4. 2 Jelly Bean beneath hood

Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 get a state ClockWorkMod recovery.

Koush has released the official builds of ClockWorkMod recovery lockWorkMod recovery for the LG Nexus 4 and the Samsung Nexus 10 this afternoon, giving us all a fast and simple way to back everything in place and flash bleeding-edge stuff and try to break out new Nexus .

You'll find them in the standard places — the ClockWorkMod website and ROM Manager, but in the meantime Koush is suggesting everyone skip the ROM Manager route and flash manually.

Because I can't seem to be controlled by instruction or reason, I had to try the ROM Manager procedure, and sure enough it does not work. If you are as thick-headed as i am and try, you only need to flash the stock recovery on place and boot into it once to solve your non-booting Nexus 4. Flashing or booting from fastboot works a delicacy though.

Meizu MX2 will start at just $417 for a new 16GB version

Although Meizu MX2 doesn’t launch until eventually November 27th in Beijing, we already seem know a great deal about the upcoming smartphone. It is not only believed to have quad-core power underneath the hood, we now have a whole new leak that suggests the MX2 will start at just 2599 yuan, or perhaps about $417, for the 16GB type.

While this is by simply no means cheap, it is actually a relatively low price if you think about the hardware that the device is asked feature. The quad-core processor inside is rumored to become an Exynos 4412 1. 6GHz COMPUTER, the same processor found from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Some other specs include 2GB of  RAM, 16-64GB of storage, an 8MP rear camera, a 1930 mAh battery and 4. 4-inch display having a resolution of 1280 x 800. As for the OS? It can be believed to likely run about Android 4. 1 with a whole new version of the FlyMe UI.

Keep in mind, both the specs and the particular pricing are just rumors now, so take them with a new grain of salt. We will learn for sure when the Meizu MX2 will be officially announced on November 27th.

Casualties, in Israel-Hamas conflict.

At least twenty-seven Palestinians, both militants and civilians, happen to be killed in Gaza since the particular fighting began.

A rocket terminated by Palestinian militants in Gaza killed three Israeli civilians on Thurs.

A rocket fired from Gaza exploded around Jerusalem on Friday. It caused some problems for buildings in an Arab whole village.

Three rockets targeted Tel Aviv, Israel's people center, for the first time Thursday plus much more exploded in that area with Friday. None caused casualties or maybe damage.

Gaza militants have fired in excess of 600 rockets at southern Israeli communities since the beginning of the operation. About 400 exploded on the inside Israel, the military said.

Israel says its Iron Dome missile immune system has intercepted about 200 rockets.

The Israeli military says they have hit more than 600 military services targets in Gaza.

Israel moves toward ground invasion of Gaza Strip.

Israel prepared Friday for for any possible ground invasion of your Gaza Strip as Hamas militants carried on to lob rockets into Israel, and one of them landed near Jerusalem for the very first time since 1970.

The rocket hits outside Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel’s major population centers, sharply raised the stakes from the ongoing standoff between Israel in addition to Gaza’s Hamas rulers, providing sobering evidence that Palestinian militants possess weaponry that could strike deeper inside Israel than ever before. In particular, the strike on Jerusalem — the city both Israelis and Palestinians state as their capital — was considered a major provocation that manufactured an Israeli ground invasion seem ever more likely.
While Israeli officials maintained they did not seek war, your intent to send a high in volume warning to Hamas was noticeable. By nightfall, the Israeli military said the idea had closed three roads ultimately causing Gaza, in a further sign of an possible ground invasion, and the spokesman said paratroopers and infantry military were in southern Israel expecting orders from political leaders.

“Israeli residents, like any other people, deserve peace and quiet, so they can go regarding living their lives, ” Deputy International Minister Danny Ayalon told CNN on Friday. “If we will see next 24, 36 hours more rockets unveiled at us, I think that could be the trigger” for a soil operation, he said.

A ground operation may be seen as necessary to hobble Hamas’s still-potent army capabilities in Gaza, the stated goal of the three-day-old Israeli operation. But it is a risky proposition, particularly two months before national elections in Israel. While the air offensive has won support in the public and opposition politicians, buttressing Security Minister Ehud Barak’s and Excellent Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s already robust security credentials, a ground war might be protracted and messy.

After a basic announcement that Israel had named up 16, 000 reservists, Barak said Friday that he had authorized additional call-ups, and local news reports said the newest figure was 75, 000 soldiers.

Four years ago, Israel sent ground troops in Gaza one week after the beginning of an operation also intended to halt unremitting rocket attacks on Israeli populace centers by Hamas, an Islamist movement that north america and Israel consider a terrorist firm. It ended two weeks in the future amid loud international criticism and left 13 Israelis and even more than 1, 000 Palestinians useless, hundreds among them civilians.

Casualties have been far lower in the current operation, suggesting that Israel is highly motivated to avoid a repeat of Cast Guide, as the 2008-2009 operation was code-named. By Friday night, Gaza medical officials said 30 Palestinians were being killed by Israeli airstrikes. Three Israelis have been slain by the rocket fire appearing out of Gaza.

Friday began with a temporary truce between Israel and the Gaza militants to accommodate an appointment to the coastal strip simply by Egyptian Prime Minister Hesham Kandil. However the cease-fire quickly crumbled, as your Palestinians launched new waves involving attacks, and Gaza residents explained Israel responded with renewed airstrikes. The particular Israeli military denied that.

Anonymous Steps Up Attacks on Israeli Sites.

Hackers stepped up attacks on a number of Israeli Web sites, including Israel’s Foreign Ministry and also the municipal Web site for Tel Aviv.

The attacks are portion of a broader campaign that Anonymous is calling #OpIsrael. The group says the attacks are in retaliation for Israeli military attacks on Hamas on Wednesday.

The actual campaign, which began at 3 a. m. New York time on Thurs — with coordinated attacks on several Israeli Internet sites, including those of an Israeli Defense Forces blog and also a private Israeli surveillance and safety measures company — showed no indications of slowing on Friday.

Through Friday, Anonymous hackers claimed to get defaced more than 600 Israeli Internet sites, many belonging to private companies. They also claimed credit to take down a Tel Aviv municipal site, tel-aviv. gov. il, as well as said, in Twitter posts, that they had deleted the Web listings for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and also the Bank of Jerusalem.

While your former site was still not offline  Friday afternoon, the latter were functioning normally.

Motorola Droid RAZR at no cost from Best Buy, with two year contract.

Searching for a reasonably decent smartphone without paying anything? Best Buy is now featuring the Motorola Droid RAZR at no cost with a two year deal.

With new devices like the actual Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR M out available on the market, the older Droid RAZR is probably not the most exciting phone about, but it’s still reasonably ready. The Droid RAZR features the 1. 2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB involving RAM, and 16GB of hard drive. Other specs include 4G LTE service, a 960 x 540 image resolution display, an 8MP back cam and also a 1. 3MP front cam. Are you aware that operating system, you get Operating system 2. 3. 5 Gingerbread out of your box, with the option to help upgrade to Android 4. 0 ICS.

The Motorola Droid RAZR is probably not a powerhouse, but a new two yr contract with Verizon will fetch that you free phone that will be able to handle almost everything you throw at it without an excessive amount of trouble, which makes this a fairly good deal. So how good it is?

Twitter for Android update adds Twitter updates in Discover tab, new search features and more.

Wow. The particular Twitter application for Android has received another upgrade today. This sizable addition for the Google Play Store focuses about the Discover tab and search watch. For the former, Tweets now appear right within the Discover tab to help you to see the content from profiles that Twitter thinks you might find interesting. They’ll be displayed the same as Tweets within the timeline watch, so you can view inline image, video and webpage previews and never have to jump through a link 1st.

For search, you’ll be able to watch results as a photo stream to help you to find content in a a lot more visually appealing way, and it’ll show the listings as media previews to offer you an easier time.

Finally, it's easy to reset your password straight in the app instead of having to visit Twitter’s website. While the old way wasn’t a tremendous pain this new functionality proves to become a lot less cumbersome. More bug fixes and improvements were made, but as usual we won’t realize the absolute full extent of the changes unless someone happens to get noticable a bug or two hasn’t been recently bothering them.

We’re still waiting on an upgrade that’ll introduce regions of the Holo UI that so many people have fallen in love having, but Twitter has so significantly remained quiet on its plans to update its gui. The current interface isn’t bad by any stretch from the imagine of course — its this we would prefer it if more of those huge companies would get using the times and provide us with online community apps that look like that they belong on our phones.

HTC Desire C coming for you to RadioShack No-Contract Wireless for $119. 99.

RadioShack is exacerbating its lineup of entry-level devices so it offers on its self-branded prepaid wireless service today while using the HTC Desire C. This pint-sized HTC phone may carry the Desire name, but it looks very just like the One series of devices via HTC in 2012. The internals are decidedly low-end, however. The Desire C has a 3. 5-inch 320x480 (HVGA) display, a 600MHz processor and 512MB of RAM -- all running with Android 4. 0 and Sense at the top.

The 'Shack offers the Desire C for $119. 99 on its no-contract prepaid service with monthly bills of $50 for unlimited phone calls, texts and data (first 1GB at full speed) or $60 with the same and 2. 5GB of full-speed data. Both prices include a subscription to the Muve Tunes service, which offers both streaming and downloads of any wide music selection on the device.

Google reportedly in talks with Dish Network with launching new wireless service.

Google has been in talks with satellite-TV provider Dish Network about partnering to produce a new wireless service, according to people near the situation. It’s worth noting that they can also said the talks weren’t advanced and could ultimately not amount to everything, and Google isn’t the only company that Dish have been talking with, but the possibility of  google entering direct competition with famous brands Verizon and AT&T is pretty exciting.

In 2008, Dish Community acquired wireless spectrum, and for the past year has been searching for a partner to begin constructing a wireless network. When asked concerning the negotiations, Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen wouldn't comment directly on Google, but said they had been in talks with companies interested on the market who don’t currently have an invisible business. He also said it would be easier to partner with a company that had some infrastructure previously established. (Google Fiber, anyone? ) The Google spokeswoman declined to thoughts.

Google has been trying to be able to push its influence and bring high-speed internet to a great number of, and it’s not too far-fetched when you consider buying wireless spectrum is one thing Google may consider. Google’s entire business is created around people using Google products to browse the web. The more people which may have cheaper, faster access to the internet are more people that are Google customers. And from an economic standpoint, faster, cheaper products and services mean more competition, which means better ways for consumers. Win-win situation.

Like I said earlier, these talks may turn out falling through and it won’t suggest anything. But, hey, if Google went about getting a wireless service going, I will guarantee I’d be one of these first customers.

Twitter for Android mobile phone updated with in-line media previews

The Twitter for Android app have been updated yet again to come closer to the feature improvements which have been made in the web type of Twitter. Tweets in the standard stream now include previews of any media placed on the tweet. Pictures, videos and articles will arrive in-line with the tweet to allow them to be easily accessed after the particular preview. Several improvements have been meant to the search functionality as well — you'll find media previews in search supply tweets, and you can now get a "Photo Stream" to see what's happening with a given moment in pictures.

In the event you haven't given the official Twitter app a look in a while, you may want to check it out for. A lot of improvements have fallen in the recent updates. Grab a download on the Play Store.

Google Maps app for Apple’s iPhone is coming soon.

The Google search engines app map is preparing a Maps app to the iPhone after Apple booted it out from the latest version of its iOS os. Google Maps had been the default mapping app for new iphone 4 since its launch in 2007 but Apple decided to go for its own maps answer in iOS 6. We realize where that story went. WSJ is claiming that Google is now giving final touches to their Maps app for iOS before it submits it towards App Store for Apple’s acceptance.

The news comes barely a couple of days after Nokia announced it had submitted its maps app, named HERE, to the App Store and is also expecting it to be available in a few weeks. Notably, WSJ claims that the Google Maps app on iOS additionally features turn-by-turn navigation, which was not present in the earlier default maps app that was powered by Google. Turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps has become live in India on Android and we may assume that the same feature would be available only when it's released on iOS as very well.

Twitter adds share via email feature.

Twitter is adding a fresh feature that will enable users to share tweets with others via email. Over the coming weeks, Twitter will roll out a fresh ‘more’ option on Twitter. com from where they can mail the tweets to others irrespective of whether the recipients are on Twitter or not. Users will also be capable of add their own message plus a link to the tweet.

This feature isn't exactly new as Twitter already provides the option to share tweets by way of email on its official mobile apps. However, the mobile app version sends the e-mail from the user’s own email address contact info configured on the phone, which we don’t think would be the case with regards to sharing tweets via email upon Twitter. com.
Twitter also announced it's got added new elements to the Discover and Search functions with extra focus on photos and videos. Whenever a user mission to find a person, story or any #tag, Twitter will display the relevant photos and videos in a very grid above the tweet flow. This will work on both web and iOS/Android Twitter blog.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Three killed in Kiryat Malakhi; rockets hits at Tel Aviv, Rishon.

Israeli forces prepared for any possible ground invasion of this Strip. Government spokesmen said Israel has not been interested in a cease-fire now but alternatively in continuing the offensive.
Three Israelis were killed in a very rocket strike on Kiryat Malakhi on Thursday in another day of escalating violence with Gaza which also saw Hamas rockets reach the Tel Aviv area for the 1st time.

Steve Ballmer Throws the Gauntlet: “Android is Vulnerable to Malware; Apple is Overpriced”.

Steve Ballmer might be an eccentric character in addition to we’re being polite here, but here he goes this time talking about the competition. Microsoft’s CEO had been interviewed by Reid Hoffman upon Wednesday and he said that Android is “wild”, “uncontrolled” in addition to “susceptible to malware”. He likewise addressed Apple, calling their goods “overpriced”.
Ballmer’s aim is to set Windows exactly between the two rival platforms and discover a big and expanding niche to adjust to Windows Phone into. Ballmer says that Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface happen to be done right and that 'microsoft' is working closely with developers, unlike Apple and Android, seemingly. From what I know Apple company company is paying serious cash to developers and has a pretty civil relationship together, so I don’t see the actual of Ballmer’s statement.

Ballmer didn’t forget to note Apple’s failure called Maps, a thing that many companies like Motorola in addition to Nokia also dissed recently. The finish of 2012 is crucial with regard to Microsoft, since it will prove to them signs regarding their potential ascension on the tablet and smartphone market. So far… not good. Steve Ballmer Throws the actual Gauntlet: “Android is Prone to Malware; Apple is Overpriced”

HP Attacks Microsoft Tablet, Calls It Slow and never a Competition for Them.

There was some panic when HP announced it will be sitting the first round involving Win RT slates out. Without a coherent tablet plan money for hard times, HP may as well prepare for an early demise, but they’re supposedly brewing something associated with the leftovers of WebOS. While this, they found the time to trash talk the surface RT tablet.
It’s strange that Microsoft and HP have been pretty solid partners and still HP PC business chief Todd Bradley had some mean works in regards to the flagship MS tablet. He referred to as Surface “hardly a competition” and also “slow”. With the latter part we agree and thus do most reviews on-line, most of them complaining in regards to the long time it takes apps to start. This week saw Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer saying that the Surface has a modest start and in general this is starting to feel like a botched product, if you ask me.

With HP and Acer both attacking Microsoft regarding the Surface theme, we have to wonder what’s taking place between these companies and how well they understand the thinking behind partnership. Well, HTC and Nokia are trading blows on the subject of Windows Phone 8, so two partners of any company aren’t automatically partners themselves… Todd Bradley, the HP official pictured above has said that the Surface is expensive, kludgey and has limited distribution.

Laywer Sues 'microsoft' for Surface Storage; He Got Under Advertised!

Lawyer is suing Microsoft for selling him the surface RT tablet with less storage than advertised.
Andrew Sokolowski will be the Los Angeles lawyer who claims he bought the slate with 32 GB of storage a week ago. However, he ran out of space real fast, after replicating some music and Microsoft Phrase documents on his slate. Parallels a big portion of the 32 GB were utilized by the OS and preinstalled blog, like Word or Excel. Ultimately about 16 GB were actually readily available for use. Sokolowski’s lawyers are suing regarding false advertising and unfair organization practices, seeking class action reputation.

The aim here is to improve the way MS advertises the product or service and forces the company to offer back revenue/profits generated using the promotions. Microsoft has witout a doubt responded, saying that the suit is “without merit”. The company claims that buyers understand the OS and preinstall applications are present in the internal storage, so leaving less space available. Microsoft does say on its website that this 32 GB Surface actually provides 16 GB of free space as well as the 64 GB model offers 45 GB.

On the iPad, as an example the storage space for OS as well as Apple preinstalled apps is separate from the one of the user, so you get what we pay for, I guess

Adobe Photoshop Touch available on Amazon Kindle Fires.

Directly on time with the first shipments of the newest Amazon Kindle Fire HIGH-DEFINITION, Adobe has announced that it has made its Photoshop Touch app accessible in the Amazon App Store regarding Kindle devices. The app is optimized for both 7 along with 8. 9-inch screens and will continue to work on the entire Kindle Flames line, save for the authentic Fire (which likely isn't strong enough).

This app is every bit the same in usage because one available in the Perform Store today, and is available for download in the Rain forest App Store for $9. 99

How you can unlock Google’s newest Easter egg: ‘ BeanFlinger’ daydream.

If you have a Nexus 4 or a Galaxy Nexus that is updated to Android 4. 2, then now is your opportunity to unlock one of Google’s hidden Easter eggs inside the OS. If you recall, Android mobile phone 4. 2 offers a new feature called “daydreams” which can be essentially a screen-saver type of function. There’s five stock daydreams accessible, but there’s a hidden fifth one that’s unlockable if you access the Jelly Bean “Easter egg” movement where you repeatedly tap on the Android version within settings.

The moment that’s done, the “BeanFlinger” daydream is going to be unlocked. You’ll be able to find it under Settings > Screen > Daydreams. If you provide an Android 4. 2 device which supports Daydreams, then this should be accessible to you.

As always, have fun!

Android dominates in China with 90. 1% market share.

Android is happening more often in China. While the smartphone market near you is currently under 20% of total cellular devices as of earlier this calendar year, smartphones are certainly a fast-growing part. In the third quarter of 2012, Android smartphones have accounted for 90. 1% of the market industry, which includes smartphone sales and also ownership.

A few takeaways:
The popularity of Android is because its low average cost.
The smartphone market has grown almost 200% since 2011.
500 million smartphones are expected to stay the market by end 2013.

This is really amazing growth for the platform in your neighborhood. In the previous quarter, Android’s market share was 82. 8%, and also 76. 7% before that. From the same quarter last year, Android’s market share was just at fifty eight. 2%.

This growth comes on the expense of other platforms, similar to Symbian, which has fallen through 23. 3% in the next quarter of 2012 to simply 2. 4% in Q3 2012.

This data emanates from Beijing-based Analysis International, which keeps track of sales statistics in the land. What’s even more interesting at this point is that the figures don’t think about yet the fake brand or maybe knock-off smartphones sold.
According in order to analysis, cost is one big factor containing driven up the market share of Android one of many Chinese. Apple’s iOS may have had some headway out there, although average hardware cost was a barrier to ownership intended for Chinese smartphone users. Analysis International notes that Android devices cost typically 1, 393 yuan (US$ 223), while the iPhone costs typically 4, 523 yuan (US$ 726), any threefold increase in average price.

Meanwhile, in terms of general market, the Chinese smartphone market is likewise poised to cultivate. 2012 has seen a 199% growth out there so far. By end of 2013, about half a billion Chinese users are anticipated to own smartphones. Putting the numbers together — the market industry growth, as well as Android’s market share — that’s certainly plenty of Android smartphones to be sold between now and this time.

Facebook for Android update adds capability to share posts.

Not really a day went by to let this rumor marinate within our brains, and the update is already here. Facebook for Android was updated to include the sharing button that its mobile site got just a long time earlier. This button allows you to share with you a friend’s post to your own personal page (granted it’s not a private status) for your Facebook friends to see.

The sharing feature is one of money that has become a stable of the biggest social networking site there's, and it’s a relief to find out the company finally bring it to mobile in the end this time.
Another feature Facebook as implemented is the chance to create a photo album via the Photos tab with your Timeline view. It’s nothing ground-breaking, but it’s another one of those things that just “makes sense” in the grand scheme of it just about all. Other changes include improvements to photo tagging and fixes with regard to failed status updates.

The app is constantly on the get better, but we’re still waiting around the big bombshell Facebook already introduced for the iOS brethren. That version of the app ditched HTML5 in support of a completely native UI, and Facebook’s official offering could stand to utilize that very same treatment on Android as the very nature of HTML5 is what’s causes some of the issues to start with. We’re hoping we can get any particular one onto our devices by Christmas, but there’s no telling how much time it’ll take Facebook to comprehensive that as we’re sure the development cycle will probably be halted by heavy testing.
Even now, today’s update stays true to Facebook’s new strategy of delivering smaller updates faster instead of waiting for large updates to repair nagging bugs and introduce new features. Find your download in the Google Play Store

Motorola wants some sort of cut of Microsoft’s Surface income.

The legal battle between Microsoft in addition to Motorola just had some gasoline added to it after Motorola requested Microsoft provide them with a share of their completely new Surface’s profits.

Today, in this opening salvo of Motorola’s accommodate against Microsoft, the phone maker’s lawyers raised the Microsoft Surface and claimed that the device’s Wi-Fi technology infringes Motorola’s patents. By natural means, Moto want’s a cut from the profit.

This comes just a few days after HTC agreed to pay Apple licensing fees for the patents they infringed on, even though Samsung rejected negotiations outright.

Curiously enough, Motorola’s legal battle over patent licensing originally had nothing regarding the Microsoft Surface and all regarding Windows OS and the Xbox. Now, after the release from the new Surface tablet, Motorola has moved its sights onto it. How much exactly does Motorola think is fair? Well, according with their lawyers, 2. 25% of this profit is reasonable.
The patent that Motorola is using as grounds due to this request is an invention linked to the Wi-Fi 802. 11 expectations, which is essentially the only communication option open to the Surface, since neither an Ethernet port nor a cellular connection can be found on it.

Motorola’s claims sported the following reason:
Microsoft’s new Surface tablet will use only 802. 11, instead associated with cellular or wired connections, to connect to the Internet. Without 802. 11 ability, the Surface tablet would be unable to compete in the market, because consumers can readily select tablet devices in addition to the Surface that have 802. 11 ability. ”… Motorola contends that the judge’s deliberations “would must account for the likely use of Motorola 802. 11 SEPs [standard-essential patents] inside future products (e. g., Microsoft’s just lately released Surface tablet product).

Motorola is eager to point out that the Surface would always be useless without its patents. Microsof company, if it does end in place losing this battle, might have to pay Motorola (ok, Google), somewhere around 4 billion a year — according to the Microsoft estimate.

With that stated, Motorola does seem to have proper grounds for the request, but it will not arrive at profit from it until that convinces a judge to sees things the way in which it does.

Samsung has begun production regarding 10 nm 64 GB memory chips for mobile devices.

Samsung Semiconductor, the part on the company that makes the various bits and bobs which might be essential to making your touch screen phone actually work, has just released that they’ve begun producing 10 nanometer 64 GB storage chips. They’re insanely fast, capable of hitting 260 megabytes for every second read speeds and 50 megabytes for every second write speeds. Best of most, since these chips use extra tiny 10 nanometer transistors, they’re 20% smaller than chips in the previous generation.

Now for giving her a very question: When are these chips going to finish up in a smartphone sitting on a shelf for your local electronics store? That wasn’t specified, but considering these things started rolling journey factory lines “late last month”, it’s likely likely to take at least a one fourth or two until they get put in a retail device. Best event scenario, the Samsung Galaxy S IV use this stuff. Worst case predicament, it’ll be in the Galaxy Note III. This is all speculation furthermore.

What about sizes smaller when compared with 64 GB? Don’t worry, Samsung’s obtained your back. Smartphones and tablets typically stack memory chips on top of each other to conserve space on the motherboard. The 10 nanometer part Samsung is producing can take 64 gigabits, which is 8 gigabytes. Considering how many people were disappointed by the point that the Nexus 4 shipped using only 8 GB or 04 GB of storage, there’s a strong possibility that this Nexus of 2013 will be 16 GB and 32 GB types.
Why do we even need on-board storage to be this fast? Because no one likes to wait during file transfers. That and what the results are when every high end smartphone ships which has a 1080p screens? All the elements that some sort of developer uses to make their app will have to be high decision, which means more storage will be needed, and said storage really needs to be lightening quick, because again, no-one likes lag.

Nexus 7 3G model no longer in stock on Google Play!!!!!!!!!!!

Sold-out! This is what customers see if they try to purchase the Nexus 4 as well as the Nexus 10 from the Play Store. In fact, the two devices have been sold-out pretty much within minutes when they were made available there – apart from the 16GB Nexus 10 supplement.

If you’re hoping to snag the Nexus 7 with cellular data, you can kiss your HSPA+ dream goodbye for the present time.

Like its two Nexus cousins, Google has sold all of its inventory of the 7-inch state. If you’re feeling lucky, you can try to refresh the page once in a while. But then again, Google did say it will only replenish the stock on the Nexus devices “in the on its way weeks”.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10. 1 hits T-Mobile.

Plenty of potential customers were let down to see the Nexus 4 go out of stock so quickly in this Google Play Store. Luckily, it's available from T-Mobile, as long when you don’t mind tying yourself into a 2-year contract. They have a brand new tablet available as well, nevertheless it’s not the Nexus 10.

The first device, the Nexus 4, is certain to be a good seller, even if plenty of customers would prefer it without worrying about contact. The second device, this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10. 1, is definitely the less interesting of the two. While it was a solid tablet when it was released, with the Nexus 10 now in the marketplace with better specs and a similar price off-contract, it’s definitely not going to sell in addition to the Nexus 4.

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Skype offering free unlimited “worldwide” calls for a month, sign up right now !!!!!!!!!!!!

Although everybody’s go-to VoIP service has already been doing the world a large favor by allowing free Skype-to-Skype cell phone calls, a limited-time only special offer promises to allow you to do even more absolutely totally free.

For an entire month you’ll be capable of make Skype-to-landline and Skype-to-wireless calls with no charge whatsoever, and the only catches are that the offer is not available across the whole world. Oh, and that you have to redeem it today, on The fall of 15.

Now let’s see what exactly you can and cannot do in this month. First off, you can’t claim the offer if you’re surviving in China, Korea, Russia or Taiwan. In addition, you can only call both mobile and landlines in Canada, Guam, Hong Kong, Tiongkok, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand and U . s ..

As for landline calls merely, you can do those in very much countries, including Australia, Chile, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Fresh Zealand, Spain, and the Uk, but oddly enough also Korea, Taiwan and several cities in Russia (Moscow in addition to St. Petersburg).
Another key condition you have to fulfill to claim the promotion is usually to have been an existing Skype customer registered for a lot more than 29 days. Finally, you have to know that after this first totally free month, your subscription will automatically carry on and you’ll be asked to cover $13. 99 per month for the service unless you cancel it within 27 days of the start date.

It goes without saying that merely one free subscription can be said per customer, but also that will Skype’s fair usage policy still applies, so no “re-selling” minutes, sharing subscriptions or “unusual calling patterns” (more details here).

With that said, this sounds like one heck of your deal, and, unless you’re on the four countries banned from your Unlimited World subscription, think no more and just act.

LG Nexus 4 starting in India on November 40, online retailer claims.

On the internet retailer, Saholic, has made a product page for the Nexus 4 live on its site where it claims it will eventually get stocks by November 30. While this is not a state announcement in anyway, it gels well with what an LG India representative told BGR India the Nexus 4 would be unveiled in India in November. Google launched the Nexus 4 in a few countries for $299 for the 8GB unlocked version, though it may just be a priced subsidized by Search engines. Our estimate is that the Nexus 4 would be priced upwards of Rs 40, 000 when LG launches it in India.

The Nexus 4 is the latest Nexus smartphone and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core cpu clocked at 1. 5GHz. Other features such as a 4. 7-inch IPS HD display, 2GB of RAM, 8-megapixel raise and 1. 3-megapixel front experiencing cameras. It also runs about the latest version of Android Jelly Bean (4. 2) and like all Nexus devices will be among the first devices to receive future Android os updates.

Google, Globe launch Free Zone service in Phl.

On the internet search giant Google and regional telecommunications company Globe Telecom just lately unveiled the Free Zone online sites that offer free access to the world wide web and select Google services on internet-enabled mobile phones.

Powered by Google, the Free Zone service makes it possible for no data charges for vast amounts of Web sites, Gmail, Search, including Google+.

Peter Bithos, Senior Consultant for Consumer Business of Planet, said the company marked another milestone for the reason that world’s first telecom operator to provide Free Zone.

Bithos said Globe Prepaid and TM subscribers is now able to instantly access Free Zone about feature phones and smartphones without cost via libre. ph.

"Our products are all about empowering our own subscribers, Free Zone testifies to the present promise yet again. Free Zone powered by Google empowers subscribers by allowing them to be in the know along with keeping them updated right at their fingertips. The best portion is, subscribers don’t need to bother about getting charged, so they can enjoy visiting sites through Google as well as other Google services worry-free, " Bithos mentioned.

Derek Callow, Google's head connected with marketing for South East Japan, said Google is glad to provide the service to Globe and may soon empower the service to other telcos in the Philippines and worldwide.

Both Bithos and Callow claimed Free Zone is good for first-time mobile internet users whom often find basic services similar to e-mail, mobile web browsing and social applications to get very expensive, thus limiting his or her subscription to mobile surfing options and bundles.

By using Free of charge Zone, users with basic internet-enabled devices can use the power of the web to build their businesses or keep touching friends and family without driving a car of unknown data costs along with make more informed choices in relation to their next data device.

Bithos said using the new mobile internet promo, Globe extends the unique experience of being online constantly even to its most budget-conscious members. The offer is initially accessible to more than 30 million Planet Prepaid and TM subscribers countrywide until March 31, 2013.

"We wanted to make search available to as numerous people as possible. But a free search outcome isn’t much good if you can’t then see a Web site, " said Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Products pertaining to Southeast Asia at Google. "So we decided to make all those Web sites available contained in the package as well. We’re hoping Free Zone is likely to make the mobile Internet feel just like a necessity that everyone can use rather than luxury. "

The versions connected with Google Search, Gmail and Google+ on Free Zone are created to work well with feature mobile phones that lack the technological firepower of the smartphone. Google built the software along with Globe became the first operator in the world to make it work about its network, making the Philippines the first place in the world to use this new product.

"The free click brings us right back to Google’s roots and I’m Experience Lucky. There’s a Web page on the market for almost every question and we’re still looking for you there in one simply click, or less, " McGlinchey mentioned.

France affirms will ask EU to re-examine Syrian hands embargo

France will raise the issue of excluding defensive weapons from your current arms embargo on Syria to aid rebels fighting President Bashar al-Assad's routine, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius explained on Thursday.

"For the second, there is an embargo, so there are no arms being delivered from your European side. The issue... will undoubtedly be raised for defensive hands, " Fabius told RTL r / c.

"The issue will be raised considering that the (opposition) coalition has asked us to do so, " he said, adding that "this is something we can only do in coordination using the Europeans. "

"France's position for that moment is to say that people must not militarise the clash, but it is evidently unacceptable there are liberated zones and that they will be bombarded by Bashar's planes, " Fabius told RTL r / c.

"The issue of defensive arms will probably be raised, " he added.

France on Tuesday became the primary Western country to recognise Syria's recently formed opposition National Coalition as the sole representative of the Syrian persons.

French President Francois Hollande will on Saturday meet the coalition's leaders in Paris, Fabius explained, including chief Ahmed Moaz al-Khatib as well as Georges Sabra, the president with the Syrian National Council.

Khatib about Tuesday called on world properties to arm the Syrian rebels with "specialised weapons. "

Iran condemns Israel's Gaza strikes as "terrorism".

Iran ruined on Thursday as "organized terrorism" an offensive by Israel against Palestinian militants inside the Gaza Strip.

"Iran considers the particular criminal act of Israeli armed forces forces in killing civilians as organized terrorism and strongly condemns that, " Foreign Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast stated, according to the semi-official Fars news agency.

The spokesman also criticized precisely what he called "the silence of international organizations claiming to shield human rights, " following the particular strikes.

Israel killed the military commander of Hamas on Wednesday in the air strike on Gaza and threatened an invasion of the enclave.

The Islamist group retaliated on Thursday by firing many rockets into southern Israel, eliminating three people

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Apple company company Pays Up 16 Million Bucks for iPad’s Clock; Swiss Railways Cashes Within.

If you remember the slight scandal between Apple and the Swiss Railways, based on the concept that Apple “stole” their check out symbol for iOS 6. 0, then you definitely probably know that it ended well. Apple and Swiss Railways reached a deal to give the trademark clock borrowed to your Cupertino giant. And now we now have a price for that financial transaction: 16. 5 million dollars.
Neither Apple nor the Railways wanted to comment on the matter. To give you some background, on September 21st Swiss Railways have realized that Apple had reproduced without having permission its famous clock with digital format on iOS 6. 0, for the iPad. On October 12th, they sought an incentive for it and the story was kept clear of the public or blogs, who could have tried to blow it from proportion. Considering there are 100 million iPads on the market, the amount of $16. 5 million is really pretty tiny.

Apple’s clock is also the one of Mondaine, a Swiss company that creates clocks following the pattern connected with Swiss Railways, so matters may get more complicated and Apple may have to pay… again. The Apple CEO claims which he found the clock pattern on the list of real life models sold with USA, or the one showcased with the Museum of Modern Art in The big apple.

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Fresh iPad Beats Surface RT Exhibit.

Understand that story saying that the Ms Surface RT actually uses some cool new technologies that produce its display better than the among the iPad 3? Well, part from it is true and part isn’t! Analysts at DisplayMate recently published a display battle involving the Surface RT and the Retina Exhibit iPad, the iPad 2 along with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.
The test was conducted by Raymond Soneira, who reached the final outcome that the Surface slate is excellent, in some areas at the very least. For example on screen wording is sharper and there’s an improved factory display calibration in comparison to the other models. Also, the reflectance is gloomier than the iPad 2 along with full size Android 1280 times 800 tablets. However, the screen is not as sharp as the Retina on the iPad three or four and the Microsoft product doesn’t provide same large full color extent.

AppleInsider is also reporting that your Microsoft engineer has claimed how the Surface screen beats the iPad’s Retina, despite the lower resolution. The idea is that the ClearType screen on top maximizes “perceived resolution”, with lessened reflections. It’s true that the Retina Exhibit reflects 33% more ambient light versus Surface RT, while the Universe Tab 10. 1 reflects 41%, but that’s inadequate. Surface RT loses points within the color gamut reproduction, that’s 57% smaller versus iPad 3.

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Ipad Expected to Lose Tablet Market Dominance to Android in 2013, In line with Experts.

When you follow statistics, press releases and all that, you may have noticed that Apple’s tablet market share has been dropping over the past years. Amazon, Samsung and now the Nexus 7 are actually eating into its pie and it appears that next year they will consider the crown from Apple. At the least that’s what project analyst Sameer Singh says.
I have to remind you that back Q3 2012 the iPad had an 87% cut from the market, according to IDC. Moving on this year’s Q3, that range has fallen to 50. 4% plus it will continue to fall, as a lot more cheap Android tablets are sold. Sameer Singh is an analyzer with mergers and acquisitions asking group Finvista Advisors. He analyzed the growth connected with Android tablets and their shipments and concluded that what follows is a beating that the iPad will take soon.

Your third quarter this year was apparently one pretty damaging iPad sales, seeing how rumors from the iPad Mini put people on hold and the new iPads had lower shipments. Past results indicated that the iPad shipments needs to have risen by 10 to 15% last quarter, but instead they fell by 18%. Meanwhile Android tablet shipments grew on the first quarter to the third one and the growth will be even even larger in 2013, according to the analyst. It doesn’t mean that the iPads are doing poorly, since Apple reported selling 3 million iPads in the launch weekend of the completely new devices.

What about Windows 8 and also RT slates? Sadly enough, the expert says they’re “negligible” at this time.

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Microsoft Surface RT Gets Updated to boost Performance and Correct a lot of Issues.

Since official launch over this morning the Microsoft Surface RT is thought to be a success among the available offers featuring the modern Windows OS. Even though it’s not a fully-fledged Windows device and the particular offer of available apps is very low, the tablet has plenty to provide and it’s a great multi-purpose unit.
For the Surface RT, Microsoft has released an update to bring improvements in some key locations. According to preliminary reports coming from users, the update is a really welcome addition, making the tablet more attractive. Like with the bring up to date system on PC’s, it addresses the down sides through separate files, four to be exact. One corrects the issue using the “Favorites” not showing up in Ie 10. Another enables WinRE with all the out-of-the-box wizard in Windows 8/Server 2012, including an electronic digital signature in Windows 8/Server 2012, and also a Windows 8/Server 2012 cumulative bring up to date.

There is also an issue using the Boot Configuration Data store that is contained in the list of fixes. Following, there is certainly the added ability to customize the lock screen and also a fix for the problem that will cause Apps to be put in incorrectly. Performance upon waking these devices and when the device is asleep has also been improved leading to extra battery life. Most users report that this overall performance has seen a number of changes for better and Ie seems more responsive when filling pages. It would seem Microsoft has done an excellent job.

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Queen’s Royal Collection Incorporates a Tablet Device – Not Apple Made

Tablet devices are beginning to present itselves in all varieties and shapes and proving ideal for all purposes. The Queen’s Royal Collection now incorporates a touchscreen device chosen to store important history collections from the past 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. The device will be added to the Royal Collection with the Queen as a “digital time-capsule”.
Stocking over 150 GB of files including videos, photographs and text message memories of her 60 year reign, a tablet device continues to be chosen to be added on the Royal Collection. It includes memories with the project from 37, 000 people from 66 countries that contributed on the huge collection. Among others, Knight in shining armor Harry and Olympic athlete Oscar Pistorius, in addition to memories of Alan Turing and the London riots have been incorporated.

The chosen device is manufactured by Samsung and is a Universe Note 10. 1. All your 80, 000 entries, including those not included about the capsule itself, will be available online included in the Diamond (re)Collection. Danny Sriskandarajah, director from the Royal Commonwealth Society charity, told BBC:

“The digital nature from the project required a digital device to present to Her Majesty, and The Queen will be able to press ‘play’ on the product before watching a video of among the better Jubilee time-capsule entries, ”

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RIM emits BBM 7 beta featuring tone of voice calls over Wi-Fi.

Research In Motion today released any beta version of its well-known BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service that would enable users to make free voice calls over Wi-Fi having other BBM users. With BBM 7 users can see which contacts are around for a call and can make the decision directly from the app. Users will also be in a position to continue to BBM with the other user while talking to them or chat with others or use other apps as well.

One of the other big popular features of BBM 7 is it will backup the user’s profile, contacts and groups with one BlackBerry ID to enable easy transfer whenever the user shifts to a new BlackBerry smartphone. BBM 7 currently is available as a beta and it is compatible with BB OS 6 in addition to upwards though RIM says it's going to bring it to older cell phones running BB OS 5 in a future date. Users can access BBM 7 by registering for BlackBerry Beta Zone.

Samsung rumored to be bringing multi-window feature to Galaxy S3.

Just over the month ago, Samsung released the Galaxy Note 2 having a very unique feature that made great using the device’s huge screen and allowed users to multitask less difficult. This feature is called multi-window mode plus the latest rumor says that the Galaxy S3 could possibly be getting it as well, besides the original Galaxy Note. Keep in mind that this is the second time we hear this kind of rumor.
The report comes from your guys at TGSpot, who are claiming that Samsung is thinking of bringing the feature to the S3 in on the list of future updates—using the screenshot over as their proof. This would make sense since the Galaxy S3 has a huge screen and would be able to properly support such a characteristic. The only complication that I can see, and other sites have stated as well, would be with all the keyboard to type something. The keyboard of the S3 naturally takes up quite a lot of the screen, so this would likely cause a usability problem for your multi-window feature.
Nevertheless, it could be great to see Samsung carry this feature to its #1 unit, and I’m certain the 30 million+ S3 owners will not likely mind having this feature to show off.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Axiom looks to become Galaxy S3 Mini headed for US Cellular.

Seems like nothing stays secret for very long, especially not with the fine folks over at @evleaks ever on the prowl. The modern device to appear from the particular usually reliable tipsters is that, known as the Samsung Universe Axiom. Odd name, but essentially seems a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini variant headed for people Cellular.

Specs wise, we're looking at 4 inch WVGA LCD display, a dual-core 1. 2GHz Qualcomm MSM8960 cpu, 1GB of RAM with 4GB regarding internal storage, LTE, a 5MP rear camera plus a 1. 3MP front facing photographic camera. We're also told that the particular Galaxy Axiom runs Android 4. 0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but looking at the press shot we're in addition seeing Samsung's latest Nature UX on the website.

Nothing earth shattering here, nevertheless a good phone for any carrier like US Cellular to get their hands on.

No word on pricing or availability at this point, but if the @evleaks past record is anything to be on, it shouldn't be before a long time that we're seeing this announced officially.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Android 4. 2 Jelly Bean Running out to Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 Tablets.

Google announced Tuesday it has started to roll out Android 4. 2 Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Nexus and existing Nexus 7 capsules. Until now, the operating system was only available from new Nexus 10 as well as Nexus 4 devices sold directly with the firm. It’s unclear if this Galaxy Nexus on Sprint as well as Verizon Wireless are receiving this update now, too, but we’re guessing that there are still a few weeks (hopefully not necessarily months) of carrier testing 1st.

Android 4. 2 Jelly Bean adds a bunch of new features, including a new redesigned lock screen, a new 360-degree photo taking app, a number of user support on tablets, expandable as well as actionable notifications, and an Android experience that’s smoother than previously.