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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10. 1 hits T-Mobile.

Plenty of potential customers were let down to see the Nexus 4 go out of stock so quickly in this Google Play Store. Luckily, it's available from T-Mobile, as long when you don’t mind tying yourself into a 2-year contract. They have a brand new tablet available as well, nevertheless it’s not the Nexus 10.

The first device, the Nexus 4, is certain to be a good seller, even if plenty of customers would prefer it without worrying about contact. The second device, this Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10. 1, is definitely the less interesting of the two. While it was a solid tablet when it was released, with the Nexus 10 now in the marketplace with better specs and a similar price off-contract, it’s definitely not going to sell in addition to the Nexus 4.

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