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Saturday, 15 December 2012

Mother of Nigerian finance minister free from kidnappers.

The Nigeria finance minister's mother  was on Friday free of kidnappers after being abducted from her home in Nigeria last weekend within a crime that shocked the country, police said. Details of the release were unclear and there seemed to be no indication of no matter whether a ransom was paid out to free the 82-year-old Kamene Okonjo, whose daughter Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala is really a high-profile minister and ex-World bank managing director.

"She has been freed, " police spokesman Mr Mba told AFP. "She is good health. " He declined to produce further details other than to express that she was freed earlier Friday. The minister's spokesman supplied a statement confirming this release, but also without having providing further details. One local television station reported that she had been dropped off from a motorcycle on Friday morning, but the information couldn't be immediately confirmed.

Kamene Okonjo was abducted Wednesday at her home in Delta state inside the country's south, where ransom kidnappings occur regularly. Local media reported that a gang of gunmen went to the house - locally called a "palace" as a result of her husband's position to be a traditional ruler in the neighborhood - in broad daylight. The motive even so remained unclear, with the finance ministry earlier spoken vaguely of threats designed to the minister.

Okonjo-Iweala, who had previously been a candidate to head the World Bank earlier this calendar year, has pushed to tidy up corruption in one of many world's most graft-ridden nations, particularly related to the fuel subsidy programme. The minister has been in a highly publicised have trouble with fuel importers over check of subsidies, with government officials delaying payments to permit for verification. However, ransom kidnappings will also be a lucrative business in Nigeria's south, though these kinds of high-profile victims are exceptional.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Far Cry 3 harkens to an older, and many would argue better, cosmetic in shooters, which goes against the trend justifying an anorexic account mode by packaging it which has a robust multiplayer. In Far Cry 3, the online modes might be competent, sure, but the reason to post this game is for the superb single player strategy, which boasts one of the finest narratives in any activity all year.
Far Weep 3: Characters and Plot

The game kicks off using its protagonist, a blue-eyed American guy called Jason, being shown keeping the time off his life together with his mates and his two brothers on holiday in an island haven. In montage the player sees them doing photographs, leaping into rock regularly and skydiving.

The camera then pans to show this montage will be shown on a video camera phone that’s being held by the group’s captor, a twitchy, erudite psycho named Vaas Montenegro, who incorporates a smile similar to that of a boa constrictor before it swallows its prey.

Vaas, furthermore, is one of the top villains created in gaming in the last few years. Intelligent, enchanting and utterly insane, he’s as prone to casually stab a helpless captive through the heart as he should be to wax philosophical on the nature of madness.

Vaas heads up a colourful report on slavers, pirates, criminals, perverts and nutcases who Jason finds himself ranged against in his seek out his friends, once he escapes Montenegro’s clutches inside the early stages of the sport.

As Jason explores the tropical island environments, accumulating an impressive number involving corpses, he transforms coming from scared First World brat in to an unhinged killing unit, tossing vestiges of his humanity towards four winds in his pursuit of alpha male supremacy. Simply speaking, he starts to mimic Vaas…
Far Cry 3: Game play

Ubisoft toys with the player in this way to an extent. Obviously, in order to advancement, players need to earn XP to throw open new skills and create new equipment – and of having to do this should be to blow away human adversaries and hack up the local fauna and bacteria. In other words, a lot more they tackle the inhospitable wilds that Jason confirms himself in, the more lethal they’re prone to become.

A large portion of what to be the player’s activities will be taken up exploring the game’s huge open-world chart, which is a personal treasure trove of side-quests, mini-games and time challenges, to say nothing on the resources it proffers.

Gamers can craft perk boosts and equipment from crops and wildlife. They can throw open new guns and chart locales by scaling huge radar towers. They can plonk them selves on in the game leaderboards by simply beating the score in their friends in mini-games. They are able to even open up fast-travel points by taking out enemy bases.

Every little thing they do feeds in to Jason’s XP meter, that enables them to unlock rewards and skills, turning him or her – and by off shoot, the player – right into a more affective adversary for Vaas and all of those other island’s psychos.
Far Weep 3: Multiplayer
While the primary campaign is most certainly the bring in Far Cry 3, the game’s online modes tend to be competent and quite enjoyable. Co-op allows up to four players to battle the role of four criminals in search of some payback, and they shoot through some missions in which they have to achieve certain objectives.

Teamwork is actually hinted at, but not necessarily actively encouraged, although players can buff one another with Battle Cries whilst on mission. The reasonably competitive online mode is quality, offering up some intriguing spins on familiar themes. Top among them is actually Firestorm, which is a eager battle for survival in which the winning team is this isn’t burned to a cinder by the end.
Far Cry 3: Verdict

But in the stop, the online modes tend to be distractions – albeit worthwhile ones – through the game’s main narrative, which asks some worrisome and distinctly un-PC questions on the player. In the earth of Far Cry 3, violence isn’t only a necessary tool, it’s an intoxicating high and an effective way to social advancement.

You could argue this is rather repugnant, however, you’ve never had to help fight for survival by using an island populated by thugs and madmen. You know the old saying that if anyone can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

20 children out of the 26 victims of Connecticut school shooting.

Dressed up in black fatigues and the military vest, a heavily armed man walked into a Connecticut elementary school and opened fire, shattering the quiet of this southern New England town and leaving the united states reeling at how many young lives lost.

Within minutes, 26 people were lifeless at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 20 of which are children. Among the half a dozen adults killed were Dawn Hochsprung, the school's much loved principal, and school psycho therapist Mary Sherlach.

The present shooter, identified by three police as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, also was killed, apparently by his very own hand. Separately, his mother's body was available at a Newtown residence.

"Stuff like this does not happen in Newtown, " a tight-knit community of just approximately 27, 000 just outside Danbury, says Renee Burn, a local teacher at another school in town. In the past decade, only one homicide acquired previously been reported.
With all the death toll at twenty six, the Newtown shooting is the second-deadliest school shooting in U. S. history, at the rear of only the 2007 shooting at Virginia Tech of which left 32 people lifeless.

Download iTunes 11.0.1 (32-bit)

iTunes is a cost-free application for Mac in addition to PC. It plays your complete digital music and online video. It syncs content to your iPod, iPhone, and Apple company company TV. And it's a entertainment superstore that remains open 24/7.

Organize the music into playlists
Change file information
Record music cds
Copy files to a iPod or other a digital audio player
Purchase music and videos online through the built-in iTunes retailer
Run a visualizer to show graphical effects in time for you to the music
Encode music into several different audio formats.

This is the 32-bit version.

Title: iTunes 11. 0. 1 (32-bit)

Filename: iTunesSetup. exe

Quality: 83. 11MB (87, 143, four hundred bytes)

Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 / Windows8

Languages: Multiple languages

License: Freeware

Date added: December 14, 2012

Creator: Apple Inc.


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Download CCleaner 3.25.1872

CCleaner is a new freeware system optimization, level of privacy and cleaning tool. It removes unused files out of your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable drive space. It also cleans traces of the online activities such as your internet history. Additionally it contains a fully featured registry cleanser.


Internet Explorer
The search engines Chrome
Glass windows - Recycle Bin, Recent Documents, Temporary files in addition to Log files.
Registry cleanser
Third-party applications
100% Spyware and adware FREE

Title: CCleaner 3. 25. 1872

Filename: ccsetup325. exe

Quality: 3. 97MB (4, 167, 720 bytes)

Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP and Vista / Windows7 and XP64 / Vista64 and Windows7 64 / Windows8 and Windows8 64

Languages: A number of languages

License: Freeware

Night out added: November 26, 2012

Publisher: Piriform.


Download Opera 12. 11

Opera 12.11 includes pop-up preventing, tabbed browsing, integrated researches, and advanced functions like Opera's groundbreaking E-mail software, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because they are aware that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser that has a few clicks of this mouse.

Speed Dial: Your favorite sites are merely one click away constantly.
Search Shortcuts: Faster search - type your queries into the address bar.
Garbage Can: Instantly reopen recently closed tabs.
Mouse Motions: With Opera you can navigate the web with your mouse.
Chrome Link: Synchronize data of this choice online, or amongst different computers and products.
Quick Find: Opera remembers not only the titles and handles, but also the actual content in the Web pages you visit.
Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by exploring the feed icon, and you will see it in fresh and efficient multiple-column layout.
Quick and customizable World wide web search: Get quick entry to Google, eBay, Amazon plus more with the search field within the upper right corner.

Name: Opera 12. 11

Filename: Opera_1211_int_Setup. exe

Quality: 12. 18MB (12, 768, 400 bytes)

Requirements: Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows7 / XP64 / Vista64 / Windows7 sixty four / Windows8 / Windows8 sixty four

Languages: Multiple languages
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Date added: November 20, 2012

Author: Opera Software.


Download RealPlayer

RealPlayer has always enabled you to play RealAudio (*. ra) in addition to RealMedia (*. ram) records.

Download videos from thousands of Web sites with just one single click
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DVD, SVCD, VCD using and video recording

RealPlayer regarding personal use includes music CD burning capabilities, DVR-style playback loading, multimedia search, Internet radio, a jukebox-style file library, an embedded web web browser (using Microsoft Internet Explorer), and a chance to transfer media to several portable devices, including Apple's ipod device, MP3 players, and More windows Media devices.


Download Google Chrome 24.0.1312.40 Beta

Google Chrome is usually a browser that combines a small design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.

One pack for everything

Type inside address bar and get recommendations for both search and webpages.

Thumbnails of your top sites

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Incognito mode

Don't want pages you visit to show up in your own web history? Choose incognito setting for private browsing.

Protected browsing

Google Chrome warns you if you are about to visit some sort of suspected phishing, malware you aren't unsafe website.

Name: Google Chrome 24. 0. 1312. 45 Beta

Filename: 24. 0. 1312. 40_chrome_installer. exe

Quality: 29. 42MB (30, 849, 528 bytes)

Needs: Windows XP / Windows vista / Windows7 / XP64 or Vista64 / Windows7 sixty-four / Windows8 / Windows8 sixty-four

Languages: Multiple languages

License: Open Source

Date added in: December 13, 2012

Publisher: Google.


Download Firefox 18.0 Beta 4

Firefox sets the pace with many new features to produce a faster, more secure and customizable Web browsing experience for all.

Firefox provide perfect browsing experience on the net. The new Firefox clever location bar, affectionately referred to as the "Awesome Bar, " learns as people apply it, adapting to user preferences and offering better fitting matches as time passes.

Firefox is built together with the powerful new Gecko system, resulting in a less hazardous, easier to use plus more personal product.

Security. Opera raises the bar for security. The new adware and spyware and phishing protection helps protect from viruses, earthworms, trojans and spyware to help keep people safe online.

Customization. Everyone uses the net differently, and Firefox lets people customize their browser to comprehend than 5, 000 add-ons.

Name: Firefox 18. 0 Beta 4

Filename: Firefox Setup 20. 0b4. exe

File sizing: 19. 94MB (20, 903, 944 bytes)

Needs: Windows 2000 / XP or Vista / Windows7 or XP64 / Vista64 or Windows7 64 / Windows8 or Windows8 64

Languages: en-US

License: Open Source

Date added in: December 13, 2012

Author: Mozilla Organization.


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Nelson Mandela possesses lung infection.

Nelson Mandela's current hospitalization is because of a lung infection, specialists said Tuesday.

Doctors that were treating Mandela and he was responding to treatment, a statement from President Jacob Zuma's office said.

Mandela, 94, was now hospitalized over the weekend in a Pretoria hospital but the nature of his ailment had not been released.

Tuesday's statement said he'd a recurrence of the long gona previous lung infection.

Mandela has not appeared in public places since the 2010 Entire world Cup hosted by Southern region Africa. The former president receives round-the-clock care after abdominal surgery this season and an acute respiratory infection in 2011.

Despite his uncommon appearances, Mandela retains his popularity and it is considered a hero of democracy in the nation.

Just last 30 days, South Africa launched the latest batch of banknotes which has a picture of a smiling Mandela within the front.

The now new 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 rand banknotes all feature pictures on the global icon.

The polls close at Facebook .

Facebook closed its polls soon after noon PT on 10, marking the end of its voting technique with little fanfare.

"The Facebook Site Governance vote has become closed, " reads the status update on Facebook's website governance page says. "Thank you on your participation. We will be announcing the final results and the next steps about the governance process shortly, thus check back soon.

While Facebook hasn't technically called it yet, a glance at the Facebook app tallying votes demonstrates only 589, 141 ballots were cast. Facebook said it required 300 million votes to generate the users' decisions keep.

Secretive X-37B space plane ready for subsequent flight.

An Atlas V rocket carrying the unmanned craft, which appears like a miniature space taxi, has gotten clearance to get a planned liftoff tomorrow only after 10 a. m. PT from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in California.

If the previous two trips into space usually are any indication, don't expect the X-37B into the future home anytime soon -- or to the U. S. Air Force to state much about what the vessel is as much as. Is it spying? May it eventually carry tools? Is there extra cash lying around in the Pentagon for joy flights? Maybe it's a mental operations ploy to wreck havoc on government types in Beijing or even Tehran or Pyongyang! The speculation has risen to satisfy the near silence.

Usually the one detail of any substance the Air Force and X-37B creator Boeing have shared is the previous X-37B trips into space made and on and with. The first, which broken in December 2010, survived 224 days, and the second, which ended last August, endured for 469 days to weeks, or a year and four months.

North Korea expands launch window for rocket after technical problems.

North Korea has extended the date for the controversial long-range rocket launch by 1 week after finding technical problems in the engine, state media noted Monday.

The planned launch which is now widely condemned by other countries like the usa and South Korea, which they say that is cover regarding testing ballistic missile technological innovation. The North insists the launch is targeted at putting a scientific satellite in the orbit.

When the plan was announced on December 1, North Korean regime said it intended to handle the launch between December 10 and 22. But on Saturday, the state-run Korean Main News Agency (KCNA) said the launch will be delayed.

In a completely new article Monday, KCNA reported that professionals and technicians had "found technical deficiency from the first-stage control engine module on the rocket, " citing a spokesman for that KCST[Korean Committee of Space Technology].

As the outcome, they have decided to hold the launch period until December 29, the agency said.

The problem mentioned that the news report suggests the solution will not be "a quick fix, " said Jon Ahn on the Aerospace Engineering Department from Sejong University in Southerly Korea.

Analysts have cited many possible reasons for Pyongyang's decision to handle an unprecedented second launch this season, after a failed attempt in April, including significant anniversaries related to the reclusive state's taking over dynasty.

Previous attempts by the North in 2006 and 2009 also didn't achieve their stated objective of putting a satellite in the orbit and provoked international condemnation.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Snakes set loss at Chinese university .


Students at the university in the the southern part of Chinese city of Guangzhou got  scare last week, after dozens of snakes visits the campus.

The Guangzhou Daily described on Monday that  the animal command experts had caught around 40 live snakes on Saturday after most of the reptiles were spotted writhing alongside a road in Guangzhou University City.

Around 60 snakes have been also found dead, nearly all squashed by cars.

"On my way to the library I saw a green snake lying on the roadside in the sun, was about 50 cm long, " the newspaper quoted one student as writing with Sina Weibo, China's version of Twitter.
An official at Sunshine Yat-Sen University contacted by CNN confirmed that snakes were being found but said they did not know any details.

Zhang Liang, through the South China Institute involving Endangered Animals, identified the particular snakes as chequered keelbacks, a common species in the community, and said they weren't poisonous.

"This kind of snake likes sunshine. It's timid and is not going to hurt people, " he said.

If they found a snake, he said that learners should call the city's untamed animal protection bureau and never poke or try to help catch it.

Zhang said he suspected for now that the snakes had been set loss deliberately. Most of the taken snakes had bite marks on the bodies, suggesting they were being kept in a restricted space.

The snake invasion had not been a signifier of a great earthquake or other natural disaster, he cautioned, after students described the incident for apocalyptic sign.

Apple and Google are teaming approximately to bid $500M for Kodak patents.

In business, your enemy today could be your friend tomorrow, if both of you can work out a mutually beneficial deal. In line with this specific, Google and Apple — supposedly arch-rivals inside mobile operating system field — are teaming approximately to secure a big patent account that Kodak is setting available.

Kodak which is filing for bankruptcy.Kodak had been hoping to fetch at the very least $2. 6 billion from its patent auction, although it did not get the sufficient bids during its first require proposals. What had been interesting to remember was that rival companies were being trying to come together so as to bring down the asking cost of Kodak.

Kodak puts the price of its portfolio higher. But if companies were to come together, then they will use a better negotiating position, which will now bring the price down.

Now Google and Apple are reported to have combined their efforts in order to make a $500 million bid for the patent portfolio. There is for now no official confirmation from either firm, although sources have actually documented conflicting news. sources reported that Google and also Apple are each forming their own consortiums to rival each other’s estimates. But now, a different group of sources cited by Bloomberg say both the Internet and tech giants are teaming up.

The patent business is a lucrative one, with firms having the ability to get hefty licensing fees from competitors applying their technologies. Kodak is hoping it could possibly get enough cash to make it get by its financial difficulties, while Google and Apple wants to use these imaging technologies of their devices and license these out there to competitors. As such, keeping the price just possible would be in the top interest of both.

Companies have discovered from their past mistake connected with over-bidding on patents, such as the $4. 5 billion acquisition of Nortel Networks’ patents by way of group led by Apple and also Microsoft.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

L. A. P. D. Apologizes Regarding Leak Of the Notorious B. I. G. Autopsy.

Some days ago friends, fans and family of the late Christopher Wallace, the Brooklyn MC known as The Notorious B. I. G., had to relive his murder of some fifteen years ago. Thanks to a leaked autopsy record, gruesome details of how this rapper was killed became community knowledge.

According to several reviews, a security hold on the documents was lifted last week and an administrative error that bring about the documents hitting the world wide web.

“Our detectives personally spoke with all the Wallace family (Friday) night, and apologized for not notifying them ahead of the release” said Captain Billy Hayes, the head on the Robbery/Homicide Division. “Obviously this has been one of the challenging case for us to unravel. We hope that witnesses or people with information will come forward and provides us the clues we must solve this case. ”

Nonetheless, a lawyer for the Notorious B. I. G does not see the logic to produce this information public or how it will help solve the case.

“What legitimate lead may be stimulated by releasing an autopsy of which says Mr. Wallace was chance. When almost everyone knows that,  Perry Sanders Jr. told  Los Angeles times. “Why can’t they release some of the many of the clues they have? ”

Barcelona's Lionel Messi now breaks Gerd Muller's goalscoring report with Real Betis brace.

Lionel Messi set an archive for goals scored in a season as unbeaten La Liga leaders Barcelona stayed six points away from chasing Atletico Madrid with some sort of nervy 2-1 win at Genuine Betis.

The Argentine World Player with the Year netted his 85th along with 86th goals of 2012 within an entertaining game at the Benito Villamarin in Seville to overhaul the last best of 85 set simply by German Gerd Mueller in 1972.

Messi's uses overshadowed those of Atletico striker Radamel Falcao, who earlier put bottom side Deportivo Coruna towards sword with a five-goal haul in the crushing 6-0 home wins.

The prolific Colombian who is known as 'the tiger' and coveted by most of Europe's richest clubs, took his tally for that season to 16 in 15 complements as Atletico restored a five-point advantage over city rivals Real This town.
Jose Mourinho's Real side was required to twice come from behind in order to scrape a 3-2 win on Real Valladolid on Saturday which in turn closed the gap to Atletico, who they beat 2-0 at the Bernabeu last weekend, to a couple of points overnight.

 Atletico who responded by romping to a 12th win in 15 outings this term against a promoted Depor side vulnerable to dropping straight back to the next division.

Barca have won all their games this very season apart coming from a 2-2 draw at home with Real in October and Messi's double wear them 43 points, with Atletico upon 37 and Real on 34.

Messi equalled Mueller's record when he found the ball in a central position from the 16th minute and left the actual Betis defence standing before delivering an angled shot (below) across goal in to the bottom right corner.
Andres Iniesta's clever high heel set Messi up to ranking again nine minutes later which has a sweeping strike from a similar position just into the penalty area that flew in to the same corner of the aim.

Ruben Castro pulled a goal back for that home side in the 39th minute setting the stage for a difficult second half for that visitors.

Messi came close to some sort of hat-trick just over five moments from time when he spun in the community and Betis goalkeeper Adrian switched his shot onto a submit before Jordi Alba struck the rebound from the top off the crossbar.

The defeat was tough so on Betis, who beat Real 1-0 at your home last month and gave Barca one of their toughest workouts so far shock as to which deserved at least a spot.

Rick Ross Cancels shows Over Death Threats From the Gangster Disciples.

Rick Ross has cancelled 2 of his shows in Greensboro and Charlotte on Friday and Saturday after receiving death threats from the gang named the Gangster Disciples. Meek Work, Wale and Machine Gun Kelly were also set to for a show at the high profile shows, though a show set pertaining to Sunday evening (December 9, 2012) with Nashville remains on schedule.

Local news outlet WCNC say the cancellation relates to threats from the Gangster Disciples team, who have a beef with Rick Ross. They put out a video warning the rapper to stay out of Charlotte, with the Live Nation complying and offering refunds for your show. Paul Scott, a minister from Durham who's also a hip hop correspondent, said, "I think fans should now be concerned. I think the parents should now be concerned because you never realize. Hip hop does not represent the true street. The commercial Hip Hop that will Rick Ross promotes represents Retaining wall Street and Wall Street cares nothing about losing human life if they will make a dollar or two. " Dean Cole, a friend of Ross as well as Assistant Programming Director for Electric power 98 Radio, said he didn't assume that fans would have had anything to worry about and that one day Ross plus the Disciples would work out the problems. Charlotte-Mecklenburgh Police released a statement on Wednesday (before the cancellation) declaring officers would remain vigilant to make certain to utmost safety.

Opposition Rejects Morsi's Planned Referendum.

Egypt's opposition National Salvation Front has announced that it won't participate in a December 15 referendum over a disputed draft constitution. Earlier, President Mohamed Morsi has revoked a part of a controversial decree giving him sweeping powers but insisted the referendum on the new document would go forward as planned.

The leader Egypt's Journalists Union, Sameh Ashour, told reporters on Sunday that National Salvation Front leaders has state that they will not participate in the constitutional referendum due to take place next Saturday.

He says that the National Salvation Front categorically refuses to indulge in the December 15 referendum and definately will not give its blessing to any vote that will inevitably cause more divisions and civil strife.

Ashour went on to blast President Morsi along with the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood group for their decision to go ahead with this constitutional referendum.

He says that this National Salvation Front insists that what they calls repression, despotism along with the hijacking of the state by the new president and his (Muslim Brotherhood) group is triggering the economic woes of most Egyptian families.


Earlier Sunday, Egyptian Air Force jets overflew center of Cairo at low altitude, since the country's political crisis continued  unabated. A some few hundred anti-Morsi protesters were clustered at both Tahrir Square and near the presidential palace.

Calls by the opposition for any protest march to the presidential palace did not appear to spur a main outpouring of demonstrators Sunday. Nonetheless, opposition leaders are calling for any million-man demonstration on Tuesday.

Mother of finance minister kidnapped in Nigeria.

The Nigeria's finance minister's mother has been kidnapped on Sunday, sparking a "massive manhunt" on her captors, officials said.

Mrs Kamene Okonjo, an academic in Nigeria and also the mother of Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, ended up being abducted from her home in Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State, a Financial Ministry statement said.

"At this aspect, it is difficult to say whether those behind this step are the same individuals who have made threats against the... minister not too long ago or other elements with inhospitable motives, " the statement explained.

Police spokesman Frank Mba explained to CNN that "the (IG of Police) has ordered an enormous manhunt for the perpetrators of the crime. "

"He directed the police  that this time that no stone will left unturned in efforts at solving the transgression, rescuing the victim and reuniting the woman safely with her family, " Mba said.

Okonjo-Iweala lost her bid in April to become the next president of the world Bank -- the first ever challenge for the U. S. nominee in this institution's history.

South Africa's Mandela spends Night in the Hospital.

Authorities in South Africa say former president Nelson Mandela spent the night time in a Pretoria hospital, where he was admitted  for some tests.

President Jacob Zuma visited Mandela on Sunday morning, and claimed the Nobel Peace Prize laureate was "comfortable, and in a good hand. "

An earlier statement from Zuma's office Saturday said the 94-year-old former leader was admitted for tests "consistent regarding his age. " The statement said that for now there are "no cause for alarm.

Meanwhile, South Africans are expressing concern for the iconic former leader. Fans gathered at the Regina Mundi Catholic Church in Soweto Sunday to pray for Mandela.

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez announces of new cancer operation.

Venezuelan leader only got back on Friday from his last treatment.

In a TV address which Mr Chavez said it had been "absolutely essential" that he will received further treatment, adding that more malignant cells were being found.

The 58-year-old has received three cancer operations within Cuba since mid-2011, but few details have been released.

Speaking from this Miraflores presidential palace, Mr Chavez said that in case his health failed and a new election must be held, his supporters should vote for Vice-President Nicolas Maduro.

Correspondents says that this is the first time the president has named a successor.

"Unfortunately, during these exhaustive examinations they found some malignant cells inside the same area. It is utterly necessary, absolutely essential, that I have to undergo a new operative intervention, " he explained.

"With God's will, like on the previous occasions, we will emerge from this victorious. "

During his latest trip to Cuba, Mr Chavez was reportedly receiving "hyperbaric oxygenation" treatment, which can ease ailments caused by radiation treatment.

President Chavez who has spent many months having surgery and treatment with Cuba since his examination in July 2011.

last May, he declared himself free from cancer.

However, he has never granted much detail about any type of cancer he has, or his reason to chose to become treated in Cuba as an alternative to Venezuela, which has led the opposition to involve greater transparency.

Mr Chavez's recent trip to Cuba follows his re-election in October for a third term.