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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Google Fires Hits At Ballmer Comments.

Could Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has a penchant for saying the darndest items. Just back in November, he stated:
“I don’t really realize their strategy. Maybe somebody different does. If I went to my shareholder meeting, my analyst meeting, and said: ‘Hey, we’ve just launched a fresh product that has no profit model! ’… I’m not sure my investors would take that well. But that’s kind of exactly what Google’s telling their investors concerning Android, ”

And since at that time Google didn't defend itself, all of us said:
Though he is technically right understanding that Google doesn’t make money upon Android alone, he seems to get missing the point. Android serves just as one extension of Google’s services which all point time for search which all point time for ad revenue which all bring about money. Google’s logic? If far more people use Android, more persons use Google, and more money for all of us. So we’ll give Android absent, heck, they’ll let anyone use and tinker by using it. Makes sense here.

And after waiting a superb 3 months for Google to shield itself on its business style for Android stating:
"As the net grows, so does Google benefit from potential growth, " he ongoing. "I think our business model has proven which it works well so far. inch

So I guess Google will abide by us: any way to help the Internet experience, be it with a mobile device or a PC will somehow trickle down and help Google's important thing. We think that's as good a method as any. What do anyone guys think?

Are generally Senior Care: Easing The Transition

Are generally senior care can help family members along with outdated household delay other options for example going to some breastfeeding home. While folks get to a semi-pro get older, they frequently see that selected responsibilities of which was once overlooked include slowly be a challenge, and even hazardous. In such cases, it’s recommended that you contemplate getting a supplier that provides support straight inside client’s own dwelling.

One of the major logic behind why some families stay away from getting help from the Los Angeles elderly care provider is they mistakenly have an effect that the extra assistance will result in the aged person to naturally grow besides their family users. However, this form of residential homecare help can cause families to thrive and turn closer than actually. Oversight from a highly skilled professional can help take a number of the stress off of close relatives who find themselves thrust to the often precarious place of protecting the particular well-being of someone else.

Before making just about any decisions regarding elderly care, Los Angeles families should make time to sit down with providers for the agency of the choice and frankly discuss their issues, needs and concerns. Be skeptical of any supplier that attempts to force you in a situation that feels uncomfortable. Agencies who may stand behind an archive of reputation needs an intimate perception of the changes that families undergo as they search for a Los Angeles home care solution. People often have a tough time adjusting to the latest way of performing things. Therefore, clients in addition to their family members could possibly have a few hesitations, particularly in the primary few weeks. Look for providers who seem attentive to your individual requirements, and are desperate to put any worries to rest by means of demonstrating their competence.

Check to observe open the Are generally homecare company is to making changes the moment an agreement may be reached. Of study course, the transition is going to be made much better when clients and their close relatives are committed to collaborative efforts when deciding what types of assistance will be necessary. But, actually advanced planning are unable to always accommodate for changing needs. By way of example, a client who requires Are generally hospice care need a different sort of help than someone who is finding continued independence difficult due to age or incapability.

Whatever the case can be, make it clear that the aim of assistance is always to enhance someone’s enjoyment connected with life. A skilled caregiver will painstakingly ensure that they only provide just the number of help necessary, so the client never feels that their self-sufficiency and dignity is usually compromised.

Remember that it’s only natural for a client to get a bit of uncertainty since they move toward gaining assistance for his or her living situation by way of home care. Los Angeles families should attempt to lend a listening ear whenever possible and let household know that whilst their fears are understandable, you could not knowingly place them in a situation that is usually harmful. Ultimately, clients tend to comprehend that the assistance they know get access to allows them to call home as independently as possible, and perhaps even gain the latest friend in the act.

Finally, try to make the transition as gradual as you can. In some situations, the move to hire providers is a bit rushed as a result of situation that is just not entirely under a family’s control. Even so, ideally families should make their utmost effort to give a loved one time to conform to the adjustment connected with aged or hospice care. Los Angeles families should try not to leave a friend alone with their provider to have an entire day should they have only known the other person for ten units. Give the consumer and provider plenty of time to become comfortable together. This should bring about a more useful and supportive marriage between both get-togethers.

Microsoft Hits Ads Surface Tablet in Washington DC Subway

By the end on the current thirty days, Microsoft features a little occasion slated, one particular meant to introduction in a commercial sense both equally House windows 8/RT and also the Area Drugs. This second item product or service offers some promoting stuff already published throughout cities such as Wa, DC.
We've evidence within the pictures beneath, clicked with a WPCentral individual heading seeing that Conan.
This advert over demonstrates this connection between the unit and also the sensible handles while using the “Click in” caption to demonstrate how warm and friendly it truly is. Inside advertisements most of us are able to understand the red as well as blue Area capsules, stunning colours options which tell me on the vibrant completely new HTC as well as Nokia WP8 units. Charlie Kindel, ex- House windows Telephone Basic Director said at some time in the course of a celebration throughout July that the Area Pill sometimes appears because the “North Star” regarding other business as well as I can state We agree. I’m keen on which magnesium scenario as well as the fact that they actually tried using difficult for you to identify through the rivalry these times.

The cost could make or crack this device and when it’s wherever beneath $350 let’s state, it’s an immediate struck. At $400 or even more it’s not really which remarkable virtually any more… at the very least House windows RT Area Pill. Microsoft has additionally also been changing just lately their net companies, using a completely new Prospect. com service to exchange Hotmail/Live. Xbox 360 console seemed to be in addition updated as well as Halo four can also be newly arriving. Ridiculous several weeks regarding Microsoft!

Android Tablets Jump to 48%, iPad Tablet Market Share Goes Down to 52%

Apple’s distinct domination on the capsule part isn't that distinct any longer, since Android provides discovered ways to increase its talk about. A whole new analyze involving files compiled by Pew Net & National Lifestyle Challenge, Android pills today find out 48% coming from all pills available, using about 21% becoming as a result of Kindle Hearth revenue.
In the mean time, your Apple ipad tablet fallen from the 81% fraction of 2011 into a even now good 52% this holiday season, following the ipad tablet 3 debut and achievements. Amazon . com Kindle Hearth can be omitted by these types of results, since it’s not really really a 100% Android capsule, owning a customized type on the OS IN THIS HANDSET, even so the analyze did get the device into mind. It's also advisable to be aware that this specific analyze doesn’t range from the Nexus 7 as well as the modern Kindle Hearth HD collection, to ensure the fraction of Android pills can be even bigger.

This sort of results and also amounts stands out as the precise reason Apple company company is rumored being rushing to help kick off your ipad tablet little this holiday season, as well as greater said inside subsequent days. Having a brand new, less expensive and also smaller capsule they will obtain an additional current market part: 7+ " slates even add a different 10% as well as 20% for their 52% stated earlier.

I'm gonna knock you out' Nicki Minaj threatens Mariah Carey

The argument was so bad that production had to be stopped for the day. Nicki Minaj walked off set because Mariah Carey kept making jabs at her. Nicki’s manager and team convinced her to come back to the show. Mariah kept at it and called Nicki a bitch and then proceeded to cuss her out. Producers had to stop filming and call it a night. according to Tmz Nicki Minaj derailed the "American Idol" auditions in Charlotte, North Carolina today, after swearing at Mariah Carey and threatening, "I'm gonna knock you out.but i dont like the fight
Nicki Minaj is said to have threatened Mariah Carey after her American Idol co-star called her a 'b****' - it is now being claimed.
Show bosses cancelled filming in Charlotte, North Carolina for the day on Tuesday after a huge blow up between the pair where Nicki allegedly threatened and swore at Mariah. 
But witnesses insist Hero hitmaker Mariah started it, according to reports.

A source told said that 'Nicki Minaj walked off of set because Mariah Carey kept making jabs at her.  
'Nicki’s manager and team convinced her to come back to the show. Mariah kept at it and called Nicki "a b****" and then proceeded to cuss her out. Producers had to stop filming and call it a night.'
It was previously reported how Nicki fumed she was sick of her co-judge, labelling Mariah her 'f*****g highness'.

NEC Medias Tab UL at CEATEC 2012 show in Japan

Now we got the CEATEC 2012 show in Japan going on, with quite a few devices on showcase. They include the NEC Medias Tab UL, probably the lightest 7 inch tablet in the world, at 250 grams.
 And now it’s back with a hands on video from Engadget, shown below.

The 7 inch NEC tablet measures 7.9 mm in thickness and packs a 3,100 mAh battery inside, as well as a Snapdragon MSM8960 1.5 GHz dual core processor. When compared to the Nexus 7, the Google tablet would look very bulky compared to this svelte newcomer. Android runs here with a custom DoCoMo skin on top of it and other features of the device include a TV aerial on the side, a crisp WXGA screen, that seems to be a TFT and speeds of up to 75 Mbps in download.

In upload customers will reach 25 Mbps via DoCoMo. The device supports a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and viewing angles were reasonably wide. The tablet is on sale right now in Japan and there’s no telling if it will ever leave the country[funny], although that would be pretty sweet[i think].

iPad Mini leak photos

We always get our iPad Mini leaks from, but not this time. Now they come from Ukraine, via UkrainiPhone, that has some cool leaked photos of the new 7.85 inch iPad Mini. Thats cool, This is the first time to see the device pictured in black and the photos were taken by a source “close to the Apple production line”.

These pics is the same with the previous ones, showing the Lightning dock connector, two speakers at the bottom and a 3G nano SIM tray this time. Just like on the regular iPad, the audio jack is at the top this time and there’s also a plastic cover for the WiFi antenna on board. The material of the back panel is just like  the iPhone 5, anodized aluminum, so the new device will adopt the design lines of the new iPhone. There’s also a pretty slim bezel to the sides of this smaller iPad.

Everything fits the leaks from before and considering how often we’ve seen such leaks lately, I guess we must be getting closer to the launch of the product. It’s rumored to happen sometime at the end of this month, or in early November, the latest. If everything goes as planned, Apple will have a hugely successful product selling this Christmas, one that’s not an iPhone.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

BBC News reports that Iran has now lifted restrictions imposed on both Google search and Gmail

A week ago, Iran had deployed its new national information network and blocked access to Google’s search engine. Iran also reportedly blocked access to Gmail at the same time. BBC News reports that Iran has now lifted restrictions imposed on both Google search and Gmail.

However, access all Google services inside Iran has not been restored. Specifically, YouTube is still blocked as it has been since 2009. According to an official statement from Iran’s telecommunications ministry committee, the intention was to block YouTube and the blockage of Gmail was accidental.
Mohammad Reza Miri said, “We do not yet have enough technical know-how to differentiate between these two services.”
The blockage of the services last week occurred at the same time as protests in the Muslim world over an anti-Islamic film that was posted to YouTube. Some people suspected at the time that the block of Gmail could be temporary.
One telecommunications committee member said, “We absolutely do not want YouTube to be accessible. That is why the telecommunications ministry is seeking a solution to fix the problem to block YouTube under the HTTPS [Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure] protocol while leaving Gmail accessible.”

Modbook Pro Announced Today

MacBook Pro is a pretty nifty device, but when you turn it into a tablet by customization you can make it even cooler. The result is the Modbook Pro, announced today and packing a 13.3 inch display. The product is expected for release on October 3rd and the folks of Modbook were somehow able to surpass the locking mechanism on Apple OS X and create a tablet with this OS and touch input on board.

A SSD was also included, to try and make the device thinner. The device comes with a 13.3 inch display with support for pen input, 64 GB of solid state drive storage, with the option of upgrading to 480 GB of SSD storage, if the user wants it. The ship date for the slate is mid November and the device combines the original hardware of the Apple MacBook Pro with OS X Mountain Lion and a digitizer from Wacom, supporting 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. There’s also a ForceGlass pen interface in the mix, with the ability to work with Windows 7 as well.

The base configuration of the device includes a 64 GB Nishara class SATA 3 SSD with NAND technology. Sales of the ModBook Pro start on Wednesday and shipment is scheduled for USA clients only around November. It’s important to note that the ModBook is not an original Apple product and only a modification of an Apple gadget and they’re careful to specify that. Obviously warranty is not available…

Google Nexus Phone May Hit The Market By Next Month

The next Google Nexus phone could arrive in the next month, if new rumours are true.
As we approach the anniversary of the current Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the rumour mill is spinning like a toddler in a party dress, and it seems we could see the results of those rumours this very month.
AndroidandMe reports three sources have confirmed the next Nexus will arrive in the next 30 days, along with an update to Android Jelly Bean.
Although it won't be a full update, we're expecting some new features at least. The next full version of Android is Key Lime Pie, but we won't see that until next year.
That suggests the new Nexus could be nestled in the pocket of Google's Android supremo Andy Rubin when he takes the stage at techfest AllThingsD to talk to veteran US tech journalist Walt Mossberg. It was on that same stage that Rubin gave us the first glimpse of the Motorola Xoomin 2010, introducing the world to Honeycomb. Whatever form the new Nexus and Android update takes, let's hope it isn't a damp squib like Honeycomb.
The next Nexus will follow the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, announced a year ago now, and the more recent Google Nexus 7 tablet. Previously there's only been one Nexus phone at a time, spearheading the Android line-up, but reports say as many as five Nexus tablets and phones could be in the works.
Samsung, Sony and LG were the first names out of the hat, with the rumoured 5-inch HTC One X set to be the Google Nexus 5.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 ban is lifted

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 the most controversial tablet of the past years, since it had an infringement suit against it filed by Apple, one that last for a long while. What’s strange is that even after Apple won the case against other Samsung devices, but lost on account of the Tab 10.1, the device stayed banned… till today. After a long wait, finally the Galaxy Tab 10.1′s ban is lifted.
At the end of the business day yesterday Judge Lucy Koh granted Samsung’s request to dissolve the injunction of the slate. However, there’s a hearing on December 6th, where Apple can win a permanent ban of the device this time, not a temporary one, so it’s not all over. About an hour before Judge Koh lifted the ban, Samsung attacked the iPhone 5, on account of infringing 8 Samsung patents, so the war still goes on. Samsung had already informed the court on September 20th in a filing that they intend to attack the new iPhone before the product started shipping.
The documents say that Sammy was at work investigating the product as soon as it was launched and determined that the iPhone 5 uses its patented technologies. Back to the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 slate, this model doesn’t have much relevance now, since it’s one year old and there are much more appealing products on the market, like Note II or Note 10.1, but still it’s a matter of principle.

Crew Arrested in Fatal Hong Kong Ferry Crash

Hong Kong police have arrested six crew from two passenger boats that collided in Hong Kong's Victoria Harbor, as rescuers continue searching for survivors of the accident that left at least 37 people dead.
Police said at a news conference Tuesday that crew members are being investigated for “endangering people's lives at sea,” but gave few other details on about the crash.
A ferry belonging to the Hong Kong Electric Power Company sank within minutes of colliding with another passenger boat late Monday. It was carrying around 120 company staff and family members to watch a holiday fireworks show.
Many frantically searched local hospitals and morgues on Tuesday for missing family members who were aboard the ferry, while police questioned survivors to find out if others were missing.
It is not known what caused the accident, since conditions were clear at the time and public transportation is generally safe in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Electric Director Yuen Sui-see says the crash was not because of overcrowded conditions or lax safety standards.
“Our ship's license was granted recently, so this is not an issue about inspection. I hope everyone understands that we were directly crashed into. This is equivalent to a car colliding straight into you and when this happens, whether or not the car has undergone inspections earlier, is a completely different issue.”
Hong Kong Electric says it will pay $25,800 to the families of each of the deceased.
The other boat, owned by Hong Kong and Kowloon Ferry Holdings, suffered a damaged hull but made it safely to shore, with several of its crew and passengers taken to the hospital for minor injuries.
The accident happened near Lamma Island, Hong Kong's third largest island, over a long holiday weekend to celebrate China's National Day and a mid-autumn festival.

Apple send out invitations for ipad mini

CNN Fortune just learn through an insider,That Apple is preparing to release the invitations for a special iPad Mini event on October 10th. This means that the launch will take place either late this month or early in November. Previous speculations dating from the pre iPhone 5 release ear said that we would see an iPad Mini in October and apparently they were right.

Shipping is expected to being in early November and the Apple mini is supposed to be a 7.85 inch device with a Lighting port at the bottom and speakers that resemble the ones on the iPhone 5. The new device may also have a thinner bezel along the vertical edges and other than that we have no idea what to expect. Fortune has a source saying that press invitations will go out on October 10th, so the device could launch 7 days later, on the 17th.

The price point of the newcomer is said to be around $299 and the product is expected to have both front and rear cameras, probably the same iSight 5 megapixel shooter of the 3rd gen iPad for the back cam, at least. Processor, GPU and RAM remain a mystery so far, but what we’re really curios about is what resolution Apple will offer on that 7.85 inch display. I guess we’ll have to wait and see in the following week what Apple is preparing.

Fujitsu announced the release of Arrows Tab that can run on Windows 8

Fujitsu has announced the release of Arrows Tab Wi-Fi at the beginning of this year equipped with a OMAP4 dual core CPU, DLNA support, and a highly responsive Saku-Saku Touchpanel. The device comes with a fingerprint sensor and is IPX5/7 water-resistant while running Android 3.1 Honeycomb (later ICS) out of the box.

The Fujitsu Arrows Tab has recently surfaced once more taking another very different approach on the software side. The device now runs the new iteration of Microsoft’s OS – Windows 8. The device has a large 10.1-inch LCD screen and Fujitsu’s proprietary quick-response panel and weights 599g while measuring in at 181 × 262 × 11.3 mm. It comes with a front-facing camera along with a rear-facing image sensor and offers a micro-USB port and a microSD card slot.
A launch of the Windows 8 running tablet will come somewhere in October-November of this year. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

SBI sets more room for lending rate cuts

India's largest lender the State Bank of India   (SBI) on Monday hinted at  lending rate cuts going forward. However, the lender ruled out any further reduction in the base rate, the benchmark rate below which, RBI does not allow to lend.

"There is a scope for cutting rates if large scale projects come to closure," SBI Chairman Pratip Chaudhuri told reporters while addressing a press conference on rate cuts here in Mumbai.

"We are leading the path of lower interest rate. Lower EMIs are immensely helpful to individual households. We are sitting on an excess liquidity of 70,000-80,000 crore. In fact, the net interest income for august was higher than in July. Our net interest margin is very robust at 3.89%. We thought that we can possibly sacrifice a bit of NIM," he said.

Last week, the lender slashed base rate by 25 basis points to 9.75% with effect from September 20. At the same time, it reduced benchmark prime lending rate (BPLR) by 25 bps to 4.50%. Borrowers who had taken loans before September, 2010 will be benefited after BPLR cut. The Reserve Bank of India had replaced BPLR system with the base rate regime.

Earlier, SBI had reduced the interest rates on home, auto and SME loans by over 50 basis points, effective from August 07. However, that was a decrease in spread or the difference between base rate and the mark-up.

"Given that the bank has already reduced the base rate, another round of (base) rate cut is difficult. However, SBI may go for reducing rates by decreasing spreads in select loan categories," the chairman pointed out.

The reduction in base rate, according to Choudhuri, was more secular and benefits everyone to equal extent. There was criticism that banks are not passing on interest rate cut uniformly. The latest rate cuts also answered the same.

A Chinese court on Monday sentenced Wang Lijun to 15

A Chinese court on Monday sentenced Wang Lijun to 15 years in prison and deprived him of his political rights for one year after finding him guilty of bending the law for selfish ends, defection, abuse of power and accepting bribes.
Wang, the former deputy mayor and police chief of Chongqing, was charged with several crimes and received a combined punishment for all offenses, according to the verdict announced by the Chengdu City Intermediate People's Court in Sichuan province.
Wang was sentenced to seven years in prison for the charge of bending the law for selfish ends, two years for abuse of power, nine years for accepting bribes, and two years in prison and deprivation of his political rights for a year for defection. He received a combined punishment of 15 years in prison and deprivation of his political rights for one year.
Wang told the court he would not appeal the sentence.
The court found that on Nov 15, the British national Neil Heywood was killed in his hotel room in Chongqing.
Despite knowing that Bogu Kailai was a major suspect in Heywood's murder and having obtained important related evidence, Wang, then chief of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, bent the law by selecting Guo Weiguo, then deputy chief of the bureau and a close friend of both Wang and Bogu, to take charge of the case.
Bogu is the wife of Bo Xilai, former Party chief of Chongqing.
Wang concealed from police that Bogu had recounted her poisoning of Heywood to him, and he hid a recording of her account.
Wang accepted Guo's verdict that Heywood had died from drinking too much alcohol, though facts ran contrary to Guo's claim. Wang offered Bogu a video that showed her at the crime scene the night of Heywood's death to prevent her from being prosecuted.
After, Wang was involved in conflicts with Bogu and when these began to escalate, he told personnel at the Chongqing Public Security Bureau to re-collect, sort and carefully keep the evidence from Heywood's case. Wang also provided them with the recording of Bogu admitting to poisoning Heywood.
Wang reported to State agencies on Feb 7 that Bogu was suspected of intentionally killing Heywood and offered evidence and materials. Police reinvestigated and cracked the case.
In early February, Wang's positions and duties were adjusted and his close aids were illegally interrogated.
Feeling that he was in danger, Wang entered the United States consulate general in Chengdu without permission on Feb 6 and asked for political asylum.
He left the diplomatic mission of his own volition at 11:35 pm on Feb 7, after being persuaded by Chinese authorities.
From January 2010 to February 2012, when he served as director of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, Wang instructed the bureau's staff to use technical investigation measures against many people without obtaining the necessary legal approval, an act that severely undermined the socialist rule of law and infringed on citizens' legitimate rights and interests.
From September 2008 to November 2009, Wang, as the executive deputy chief and then chief of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, accepted requests from Xu Ming, board chairman of Dalian Shide Group Co, and Yu Junshi, legal representative of Dalian Shiyuan Trade Co, and instructed law enforcement departments to illegally release four suspects who were being detained.
During that period, Wang received two apartments in Beijing worth 2.85 million yuan ($450,000) bought by Xu and received a total of 200,000 yuan from Yu to cover the rent for his villa in Chongqing. Most of the property and money involved in the bribery has been reclaimed.
After being arrested, Wang produced important clues exposing serious offenses committed by others. These clues played a key role in the investigation of other cases.
The court held that Wang Lijun, as then-chief of Chong-qing Public Security Bureau, knew perfectly well that someone was under serious suspicion of intentional homicide, bent the law for selfish ends and deliberately covered up the case so that the person would not be held legally responsible. His behavior constituted the crime of bending the law for selfish ends and the circumstances were especially serious.
Wang, acting as a State functionary, left his post without permission and defected to a foreign country's consulate while performing his official duties. His behavior constituted the crime of defection and the circumstances were serious.
Wang abused power and illegally used technical investigation measures against many people. These acts severely infringed upon citizens' legitimate rights and interests and undermined the socialist rule of law. His acts constituted the crime of power abuse.
Wang took advantage of his position to seek interests for others and illegally receive property and money from others. His acts constituted the crime of accepting bribes. He sought illegitimate interests for others after taking bribes.
Wang later ordered his subordinates in the Chongqing police to refile the case of the intentional homicide involving Bogu, as well as re-collect, sort through and preserve evidence for the case. He also reported to authorities the possible involvement of Bogu in the murder, provided evidence and willingly assisted in the reinvestigation and played a key part in cracking the case. Considering this, the penalty for the crime of bending the law for selfish ends should be lighter.
Wang Lijun, who knew State secrets and defected to another country, should receive a heavy penalty according to the law.
After committing the crime of defection, Wang turned himself in and confessed to the crimes he had committed, which could be considered to be voluntary surrender and merit a lighter penalty according to law.
He also produced important clues for exposing serious offenses committed by others and played a key part in the investigation of those cases. This could be considered as a major meritorious service, which merits a lighter penalty.
Taking into consideration the crimes Wang committed, their social impact and the fact that Wang pleaded guilty and confessed to the crimes at trial, the court has handed down the verdict above according to law.

(China Daily 09/25/2012 page3)

Google Makes Shopping Alot More Easy

Thanks to Google You can now browse through Williams Sonoma, J. Crew, Eddie Bauer, and other retail stores online catalogs
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Google today announced that thousands of retail catalogs from more than 300 brands are now available on the Web. The move comes after Google last year introduced a free iPad and Android app called Google Catalogs, which featured digital versions of catalogs for popular retail stores like Anthropologie and Pottery Barn.
The Web-based version of Google Catalogs features Google's entire repository of retail glossies, including issues from BCBGMAXAZRIA, Bose, Crate & Barrel, Crutchfield, Fossil, Lands' End Canvas, Lane Bryant, and many more. Users can view an alphabetical list of catalogs by brand, or browse more than 25 categories like women's fashion, home, kids, electronics, toys, and health. The site also features weekly editor's picks, as well as a section for the latest catalogs that have been published.
When browsing through a digital catalog on the site, users can zoom in on products, get a description of the item and its price, and click over to the retailer's site to purchase the product.
Google is one of the companies working to bring retail catalogs to the Web. Microsoft over the summer teamed up with shopping site for an HTML5-powered website intended to bring a magazine-like feel to online shopping. The site, dubbed Glimpse Catalogs, features catalogs from 90 top retailers, like Tory Burch, Land of Nod, Land's End, and Bebe.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Detailed in Explanatory Clip (Video)

Amazon has just released a new video showcasing their new PaperWhite e-reader screen technology, that’s supposed to be something very special. Kindle PaperWhite was announced about two weeks ago and it has a special sharpness and brightness, surpassing many rival products. The product is priced at $119 and offers a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution.

It’s got a PaperWhite E Ink technology screen, with higher contrast than the E Ink Pearl screen from the previous Kindles. The new model also has a 3G version, priced at $179 and both will debut tomorrow in USA. As far as design goes, the new model is similar to the older Kindle Touch, but it does pack some tweaks, like a darker gray plastic chosen for the body and the Home button at the front has been removed. The power button can be found at the bottom together with the mini USB port, like on the predecessor.

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the Research and Development department has been working on the technology behind the screen for many years, searching for the ideal balance between brightness and battery life. The technology here is described like a sort of optical cable laid across the display. The idea is to direct the light back at you by reflecting it like a lightbulb would on a book. The light at the rim of the display is captured and reflected across the face of the device, but more about that in video below:

Google Maps for iOS, Release May Happen Before the Year is Out

The New York Times is reporting that Google is now developing Google Maps for iOS and hopes to approach a release towards the year end. iPhone owners with iOS 6.0 will finally get a decent navigation software on their devices after the failure that Apple Maps proved to be, prompting even Apple CEO Tim Cook to apologize for this product. The reason for the delay of Google Maps for iOS? Well, Google apparently was caught off guard when its software was replaced with Apple Maps. They expected their product to remain on iDevices for a longer while and Apple apparently decided out of the blue to change their choice of mapping system, without letting Google know. Google and Apple are really at each other’s throats now, but even Tim Cook suggested the users may rely on alternatives to iOS Maps, like Bing Maps, Google Maps or Nokia’s solution. The good thing about the delay of Google Maps for iOS is that the search engine giant has more time to include a couple of nifty features, like some Google Earth functions, 3D images and more. Seeing that Apple has that cool Flyover 3D feature, their rival wants to one up them on this function too.

Sunday, 30 September 2012


Rapper Jay-Z, who recently held a fundraiser that raised $4 million for President Barack Obama’s campaign, said he was just not that into politics.
Jay-Z told MTV News he was “not really into politics” because “a lot of people are serving their own agendas, so they just argue back and forth and they think about their next term.”
"And it's more about themselves than about the people,” Jay-Z said. “They're servicing the people, but we rarely get anything done because they're going back and forth with whatever they're doing, so I'm not really into politics."
He could have been speaking about Obama, but the rapper said he had to support Obama because he “is the first black President ever.”

Wikipad gaming tablet priced at $500

Now the Wikipad CEO James Bower defended his company’s product in a recent interview with Engadget. Frankly speaking, the price is a bit steep, if you ask me, especially considering a Nexus 7 is only $199…

The 10.1 inch tablet is the first product that Wikipad brings to the market, said consummate salesman and Wikipad CEO James Bower. He also claims that they’ve self funded the whole idea, so there’s no sponsor money or venture capitalist contribution. The idea here is that you get a powerful Android 10.1 inch tablet with a gaming controls attached to it, a proprietary and removable gamepad. The product has gone a long way since its unveiling at CES 2012 and the device is the creation of approximately 80 people who contributed to its making.

Bower thinks that if one is ready to spend $249 for the PS Vita and $499 for the iPad, it’s better to actually get a Wikipad for $499. The device will be available in silver/back, it runs Android 4.0.3 and has a 4 core CPU, 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of storage, microSD card slot, optional 3G and a HDMI port. Decent sales are expected in the holiday season.
but what you didn’t know is that the 10.1 inch Android slate is priced at $500?