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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Dental office in Manchester When & How to find The Right One

Proper research is necessary if you would like avail service of some suited cosmetic dentist Manchester features. Remember that services may be similar in nature in different dental clinics, but the pricing may differ invariably. In case of dental care surgeries, the facilities available in one clinic can also differ much from various other clinics available within the exact same city. Hence, look at those tips listed here to find the best dental care options available within some other part of Manchester.

Primary importance should be provided with to your needs and requirements. Think properly before approaching any kind of particular dentist or dental hospital about the exact purpose that you can will require the service. What dental problems are you facing? Will it be better to find private dentist in Manchester What would be the cost if approached the finest clinic? Do I have the required financial support to avail the most effective treatments? Question yourself and look for the answers to each of them before taking any step.

It is vital to look at the period convenient factor. While some dentists work full-time, others may only focus on the weekends. Then there usually are those, who work on a part-time basis as well. The appointment days as well as the location of their clinic are necessary things to handle. However, if the patient is needed to visit the clinic, then it's important to look for options towards the patient’s residential area. It will not be great idea to travel significantly for treatment.

Finally, it is necessary to focus on the fee structure of this dentist. If the patient takes a surgery, then what are the treatments associated with it also needs to be sorted out clearly. Mentioned previously earlier, it is necessary to focus on the pocket affordability before approaching for any medical help.

Drug syndicates behind campaign: Gutierrez

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) Home General Jose Gutierrez Jr. believes that big-time drug syndicates have been funding the smear campaign towards him.

“I am wary to the fact that in the course of leading the PDEA inside war on illegal drugs, We have earned the ire of bigwigs inside illegal drug trade, “ Gutierrez talked about.

Because of this, he believes that drug lords “are at this point moving heaven and earth to discredit me and have absolutely me removed as PDEA main. “

“I am also aware to the fact that whoever has vested interest in overpowering my post as Director Standard is backed by our adversaries whose illegal activities happen to be adversely affected by our become more intense operations, thus they are venture desperate moves to attack my integrity, ” Gutierrez pointed available.

In the meantime, Gutierrez said that currently a completely independent probe is being conducted with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) which is able to shed light on the hot debate.

On the other hand, the PDEA chief assured which he will quietly step down if he or she is removed from his post.

He explained which he serves at the pleasure on the President and that he will carry on and fulfi ll his sworn duties and responsibilities in the helm of the national anti-drug campaign.

“In case the President no longer has his confi dence in me, I am going out of the agency without any comments whatsoever. I am a presidential appointee. I serve in the pleasure of the President, ” Gutierrez expressed.

Last week, Malacañang ordered PDEA Deputy Director Carlos Gadapan taken out of his post but without any specific reason.

Gadapan believes which he got removed after telling Gutierrez in relation to his wife’s gambling problems. (Jeffrey G. Damicog).

Apple Maps Redirect To Google Maps On Desktop And Android

Yes, Apple Maps redirect to Google Maps on desktop, Android and any non-iOS 6 phones when you share your location. Womp. Obviously this is happening because there's no hub for Apple Maps on web, but still, the absurdity of this loop is exemplary of how ill-thought out this whole Maps switch was.

Roxas says talks with Chinese VP 'constructive'

Inner surface and Local Secretary Mar Roxas says his discussion with China’s Vice-President Xi Jinping was “constructive” and he is hopeful the Philippines and China can overcome their current difficulties.

Roxas is visiting China as being a special envoy after President Aquino did not meet with Chinese President Hu Jintao in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) conference in Russia earlier this 30 days.

Xi said he appreciates Roxas' visit, as it shows the value that President Aquino attaches to Philippines-China relations.

Xi also promised to bring Aquino’s message to Hu.

China’s state media Xinhua quoted Roxas as saying that the Philippines hopes to have helpful ties with China and overcome their current difficulties.

Meanwhile, Xi was quoted by Xinhua as saying that he hopes the “situation will not appear all the time, allowing bilateral relations to come back to the track of normal improvement. ”

“China-Philippine relations have stumbled upon some difficulties. However, through effective communication relating to the two sides, the situation received already eased, ” Xi explained.

No further details were provided about Xi and Roxas’s conference.

Roxas’s trip to China uses controversy broke out over Senator Antonio Trillanes’s backdoor negotiations with Chinese officials on the disputed Scarborough Shoal.

Earlier, Aquino said Trillanes will stay as negotiator.

One-thousand-year-old graves discovered in the Phillipines

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient village on a mountain in the midst of pristine jungle in the Phillipines. The village, believed to date back a thousand years, contains limestone coffins of a type never before found in this South East Asian nation. The digs took place on Mount Kamhantik near the city of Mulanay in the province of Quezon, in the eastern Philippines.

Gutierrez: Drug lords want their man at PDEA helm.

Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) director general Jose Gutierrez Jr. said yesterday someone backed by drug syndicates wants to take over his post.
Gutierrez said he was convinced that big-time drug lords are financing the smear campaign that is being done to destroy the agency’s integrity, relying on personal attacks against him and his wife.
”I am also aware of the fact that whoever has vested interest in taking over my post as director general is backed by our adversaries whose illegal activities have already been adversely affected by our intensified operations, thus they are undertaking desperate moves to attack my integrity,” Gutierrez said in a statement.
Gutierrez this week got involved in a publicized rift with his former deputy, Carlos Gadapan, who was sacked from his post as the agency’s deputy director general for operations by Malacañang.

Gadapan believes he lost his job because he told Gutierrez about the latter’s wife’s purported gambling activities. Gutierrez’s wife, Estrella, has belied the allegations made by Gadapan. She said their family had never used the agency’s funds for their personal gains.
Gutierrez is set to appear before the Senate tomorrow following an investigation called by Sen. Vicente Sotto III.
In a recent interview with The STAR, Gutierrez revealed that he will provide the Senate with information on syndicates and drug groups he said were behind the attacks against him.
Since these details are “highly confidential” in nature, Gutierrez said he will ask for an “executive session” with the senators if they want to know about such information.
In his statement yesterday, Gutierrez said: “I am wary of the fact that in the course of leading the PDEA in the war on illegal drugs, I have earned the ire of bigwigs in the illegal drug trade. They are now moving heaven and earth to discredit me and have me removed as PDEA chief.”
Gutierrez reiterated that he serves at the pleasure of President Aquino and that he would continue to fulfill his sworn duties and responsibilities at the helm of the national anti-drug campaign.
“In case the President no longer has his confidence in me, I am going out of the agency without any comments at all. I am a presidential appointee. I serve at the pleasure of the President,” he said.
However, he assured the public that the agency remains steadfast and will not be distracted from its mandate despite the controversy.

How NASA Mounts A Shuttle On An Aeroplane

The Space Shuttle Endeavour just completed its final flight around California and if you were wondering how a freaking space shuttle ends up on top of a 747, well, watch the video above. It’s a mounting process that’s not unlike strapping a few bikes to your car’s roof (only a wee bit more complicated).
The Endeavour will now be on display at the California Science centre. Enjoy retirement E, you deserve it.

Liverpool v Manchester United: Steven Gerrard will tell Luis Suarez to shake hands with Patrice Evra at Anfield

Liverpool v Manchester United: Steven Gerrard will tell Luis Suarez to shake hands with Patrice Evra
Flashback: Luis Suarez refused to shake hands with Patrice Evra the last time the two sides met Photo: 
Sunday’s game is the first at Anfield since the publication of the report by the independent panel which completely exonerated the Liverpool supporters and the 96 who died in the Hillsborough disaster 23 years ago and Gerrard joined in the appeals to stop the “vile chanting” from both sets of fans stating he hoped “human decency will break out”.
There is also the continuing enmity between Suárez and Evra after the eight-match ban handed to the Liverpool striker for racially abusing the United defender last season. Suárez refused to shake Evra’s hand in the previous encounter although he did later apologise to the club.
“I think them two players could be the key,” Gerrard said. “That’s going to be at the beginning of the game, the handshake and if it goes ahead then they’ve got a responsibility to start the day off on a good note.
“I just think it’s time to move on. My advice to him [Suárez] would be to shake hands and move on. Suárez will make his own decision, of course he will. But I’d like to think he would want to move on himself.”
United’s players, including Evra who is expected to be in the starting line-up, are all planning to respect the occasion and will shake hands with Suárez.
Gerrard said the events of Hillsborough, the continuing campaign for justice and the commemorations planned for Sunday all put the handshake issue in perspective.
“It does,” he said. “This game is about two tremendous teams. It’s a big clash. It’s an important game. I want to try and focus on what’s going to happen on the pitch and not going into the game thinking about what Luis and Evra are going to do and what’s going to be chanted on the terraces.
“If it’s a fantastic match, there’s a handshake before the game and there’s no vile chanting, it will be a great advert to everyone around the world.
“There’s going to be millions and millions of people watching this so it’s a great opportunity to send out the right message from the fans, from the players and from the game itself.”
Asked whether he was nervous about the fans’ behaviour — Liverpool supporters have been criticised in the past for songs about the Munich air disaster just as United’s have chanted about Hillsborough — the 32-year-old midfielder said: “I’m hoping human decency breaks out. I think it’s a great opportunity for both sets of fans to put the sick chants to bed on both sides, both Liverpool and Manchester United. It’s set up for it to happen.
“[Managers] Alex Ferguson and Brendan Rodgers and Man U’s captain [Nemanja] Vidic have spoken about it and this is the right time and occasion to put it all to bed and I’m certainly hoping that’s the case and if I can reiterate that message, not just to the United fans but to the Liverpool fans I think it would be a great occasions for that to happen.”

One Direction, iTunes Festival, Roundhouse, London, review

One Direction performing at the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in Camden.
One Direction performing at the iTunes Festival at the Roundhouse in Camden. Photo: AP
They've earned £100 million since coming third on The X Factor two years ago, becoming one of the most commercially successful British groups of all time.
The five likely lads that make up One Direction – Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik – now have their own range of dolls, are the new faces of Pepsi, and have a movie on the horizon. So far, so one-dimensional. But where Take That, Boyzone and Westlife failed, One Direction have triumphed: in America. When their debut album topped the US charts in its first week, these teenagers achieved something that no other British band – including the Beatles – has ever managed.
What’s fascinating about them is that they appeal to both young girls and older women. Their knowing nods to the genre’s clichés – a tongue-in-cheek sidestep here, a playful fist clench there – are undeniably charming. Floppy-haired Harry is already a renowned “cougar hunter” having dated presenter Caroline Flack, 15 years his senior. And judging by the mixed crowd that came to Thursday’s gig at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm (part of the month-long iTunes festival), the boys are keeping up with their dual image: kiddy pop with a touch of promiscuity.
The concert was the last of their Up All Night tour, which seems to have taken its toll as the group appeared tired for much of the first half, plodding through mediocre ballads Gotta Be You and I Wish. The shrillness of screaming girls, possibly whipped up into hysteria by Harry’s preposterously skinny jeans, eventually seemed to shake them up for rousing performances of hits including the synth-drenched Everything About You, the gloriously catchy What Makes You Beautiful and a credible cover of the Kings of Leon’s rocky Use Somebody.
The stage was transformed first into a beach party, then a giant snow scene. The most illuminating part, however, was an interval in which the lads took to Twitter to answer questions sent in by admirers, harnessing the power of the medium that made them. Fervent fans delighted with an hour and a half of guitar-heavy pop were rewarded with drumsticks given out by the Niall (the “cute” one) and autographs signed mid-set by Louis (the “spontaneous” one).
Next year the band will embark on a global tour. If they stick to the bouncy, upbeat anthems at which they excel, they are likely to conquer the world further.

Facebook switches off facial reconition following privacy investigation

The technology was identified by regulators as one of the main privacy threats posed by Facebook. It plans to make changes before reinstating the system.
Billy Hawkes, head the Irish data protection commission, which mounted the investigation because Facebook’s European operations are based in Ireland, praised the social network for cooperating.
"I am particularly encouraged in relation to the approach it has decided to adopt on the tag suggest/facial recognition feature by in fact agreeing to go beyond our initial recommendations, in light of developments since then, in order to achieve best practice” he said.
Facebook’s introduction of facial recognition software, which it uses to encourage members to “tag” their friends in photographs, ensuring they are shared more widely, has long been controversial. It was turned on by default last year, meaning members had to opt out if they did not want to be part of the system.
Mr Hawkes stressed he was satisfied Facebook giant had made clear commitment to comply with its responsibilities in line with Irish and EU privacy laws.

His statement came after a series of follow-up meetings, when regulators assessed how well Facebook was complying with earlier privacy recommendations.
Deputy Commissioner Gary Davis, who led the initial audit and review, warned the office would use enforcement powers if needed, however. Facebook could be fined up to £80,000 if it does not comply with the latest orders of Irish regulators within four weeks.
"There were a number of items on which progress was not as fully forward as we had hoped and we have set a deadline of four weeks for these matters to be brought to a satisfactory conclusion," he said.
"It is also clear that ongoing engagement with the company will be necessary as it continues to bring forward new ways of serving advertising to users and retaining users on the site.”
Facebook said it was confident it could continue to resolve the outstanding issues given the progress it has made on other matters in recent months.
It also vowed to continue to work with Irish regulators to ensure it remains compliant with European data protection laws as new products and features are created.
"As our regulator in Europe, the Irish office of the data protection commissioner is constantly working with us to ensure that we keep improving on the high standards of control that we have built into our existing tools," said a spokesman.
"This audit is part of an ongoing process of oversight, and we are pleased that, as the data protection commissioner said, the latest announcement is confirmation that we are not only compliant with European data protection law but we have gone beyond some of their initial recommendations and are fully committed to best practice in data protection compliance."
Even as it pledged to improve its privacy practices, Facebook faced new criticism over messages it sent to members urging them to report friends who were not using their real names on the social network. Unlike Twitter, Facebook has a long-standing rule that accounts must be based on true identities.
Campaigners called the messages “creepy”.
“The whole idea of snitching should not be something that’s encouraged – indeed, the whole ‘real names’ system should be discouraged,” said

Manchester police killings: Church services to be held

Separate church services should be held later in Greater Manchester to not forget PC Nicola Hughes and PERSONAL COMPUTER Fiona Bone.

The Bishop of Shrewsbury will lead a site at 11: 00 BST in the Church of St James the great in Hattersley.

There will also be a service of reflection at Street Michael's Church, Mottram, at 16: 00 BST, close to where the officers were attacked.

Dale Cregan, 30, has been charged with the officers' murders and may appear at Manchester Crown The courtroom on Monday.

A remembrance service may also be held in Pc Hughes's household village of Diggle, Oldham, where a book of condolence to be placed on display for the open to sign at Kiln Eco-friendly CE Church.

Greater Manchester's Key Constable Sir Peter Fahy stated a prayer vigil would in addition be held on Tuesday, per week on from the officers' fatalities.

During morning Mass at St James the great RC Church, the Rt Rev Draw Davies, the Roman Catholic Bishop regarding Shrewsbury will lead prayers for your officers, their families, friends as well as colleagues.

Later, at St Erina & All Angels CE Chapel in Mottram, the service will give you members of the community the opportunity to come together to remember those impacted by recent events.

Speaking to the actual BBC's Songs of Praise, to become broadcast today at 16: 15 BST, Sir Peter said the power was a "family" and his faith was crucial that you him after the "very, incredibly dark day".

"I think many people feel passionately that policing can be a vocation. It is a contacting, " he said.
Sir Andrew d Fahy Sir Peter Fahy stated he often felt "helpless"

"I feel that regarding my own faith but I know a great deal of officers that don't have the faith, but feel exactly the same.

"You do often feel consequently helpless, so praying for the actual dead officers, praying for their loved ones, becomes your own reaction, your individual expression of hope really for the kids, at a time of great need. "

Sir Peter expressed his pride in being a part of an "unarmed police force" which uses "minimum force".

He stated: "We believe very much with what Robert Peel laid down for people like us back in 1829, that we are a routinely unarmed police power, that we use the minimum of force and that we include this close, very close, connection with the community that we serve which is really, really important to you. "

PCs Hughes and Bone died inside a grenade and gun attack after they were called to reports of any burglary in Hattersley on Mondy.

Mr Cregan was charged using murders on Thursday, as well for the reason that murders of father and son David and Mark Short.

Twenty-three-year-old Mark Short died from a gunshot wound to the neck inside a shooting in the Cotton Shrub Inn in Droylsden, Greater Stansted, on 25 May.

His daddy David, 46, was found dead at the house in Folkestone Road East, Clayton, Greater Manchester, on 10 July after police were called pursuing reports of gunshots.

A 15-year-old son, detained on suspicion of assisting an offender on Friday, has become bailed until next Thursday.

Facebook party leads to riots in Dutch town.

The schoolgirl had only planned a quiet celebration with a small group of friends to celebrate her 16th birthday party.
When Merthe Weusthuis organised the gathering at her family home, she sent out invitations via the Facebook social networking site.
But she made one mistake - she forgot to mark the event as “private”.
As details began to circulate, a trickle of acceptances became a flood - and on Friday night the event turned into a large-scale disturbance as 5,000 gatecrashers clashed with riot police outside the Weusthuis family home, on a quite suburban street in a small Dutch town.
This was not how it was supposed to be.
Miss Weusthuis’s initial mistake, in using open-access settings on Facebook, meant the electronic invitation sent two weeks ago was eventually seen by 240,000 people, of whom 30,000 confirmed online that they planned to attend.
But that was not all. An unauthorised campaign was launched to promote the birthday party, reaching high levels of sophistication with the setting-up of a website, as well as a Twitter account which received hundreds of thousands of hits.
Over the following days the party become known as “Project X Haren” - inspired by the film “Project X”, released this year, in which three high school students throw a birthday party which spirals out of control.
Scenes from Project X and footage from dance festivals were used to produce film “trailers” for the party which were posted on the YouTube website.
Hundreds of youths gather in Haren, northern Netherlands, on September 21, 2012.
At one stage during the build-up Miss Weusthuis, realising that things were getting out of hand, complained online that T-shirts with her face on were being produced and sold.
Her father, Coen Weusthuis, a management consultant, told her to remove her original Facebook invitation and call off the party, but the momentum proved unstoppable. Local media reported on the forthcoming event, while day-trippers began turning up to have their photograph taken outside the Weusthuis family home in the town of Haren (population 18,000), near Groningen in the north of The Netherlands.
Fearing the likely outcome, Dutch police were placed on high alert on Friday as thousands of teenagers, many drinking beer and spirits, began gathering around the house.
By the afternoon, hours before the party was due to start, Miss Weusthuis – who was pictured in a T-shirt with the slogan “We Gonna Party” shortly before her birthday – was seen being driven away from the house by her mother Frieda, a training consultant, to a safe retreat.
As darkness fell, tensions rose when it became apparent that there was no house party for the crowd to gatecrash. Violence broke out and 500 riot police were deployed, with officers equipped with helmets, shields and batons moving in to club some of the would-be partygoers in the attempt to clear them away from the property.
The disturbances spilled over into Haren’s town centre, where shops were vandalised and looted, journalists attacked, a car set on fire, other vehicles overturned and street signs and lampposts damaged. During the melee shop windows were smashed, fires started and supermarket trolleys turned into makeshift barricades.
Officers, who had travelled from surrounding towns and cities for the event, took more than five hours to disperse the crowd. They made 34 arrests, while six people were injured, two seriously.
Haren’s chief police superintendent Oscar Dros said yesterday: “My team had to confront aggression seldom seen in the Netherlands.”
Robert Bats, Haren’s mayor, said: “Scum ran amok in our town. An innocent invitation on Facebook for a party led to serious rioting, destruction, plundering, arson and injuries in the middle of Haren.”
He said that a core group of the rioters “were very violent and well-prepared, and deliberately sought confrontation with the police”.
The scenes of chaos dwarfed even the mayhem surrounding a number of recent 'Facebook parties’ in Britain, including one in April this year when more than 400 gatecrashers invaded the 16th birthday party of Bradley McAnulty at his family home in Poole, Dorset, causing extensive damage.

HTC One X+ To perform Like A Beast?

I’m pretty confident that every HTC enthusiast out there has been eager to find out what gadgets are planned to be launched in the future by the Taiwanese manufacturer. September 19th was a big day for HTC as it held a pretty large event in order to unveil some of its latest creations. Unfortunately, there was no sign of the HTC One X+ and I know that the aforementioned device is the one many of you wanted to learn more about.
Nevertheless, last time we’ve heard about the One X+, its release date was rumored to be pushed back so perhaps it’s not ready to be showcased yet. Despite all that, it appears that the smartphone in question might’ve popped-up on AnTuTu, boasting some pretty high scores alongside a list of rather intriguing specs. More details below.
HTC One X+ To Perform Like A Beast ?
HTC One X+ To Perform Like A Beast ?

HTC One X+ on AnTuTu

For those who don’t know this already, AnTuTu is an Android benchmark app meant to determine the performance of your device. The interesting part is that what appears to be the HTC One X+ has been tested in AnTuTu and a list of specs alongside the device’s score have been revealed.
The score is pretty high, no doubt about that, and it goes as high as roughly 14,000 points, but the more interesting part is the fact that the device in question seems to boast a Tegra 3 CPU (not a Tegra 3+) running at 1.7 GHz, which means that this might actually be an overclocked HTC One X. In fact, some One X owners have previously reported that once they overclock their device, AnTuTu recognizes it as being the One X+.
This would make sense, but the additional list of specs raises even more questions. The One X+ seems to boast a 4.5 inch display instead of the 4.7 inch fitted on the One X and it also seems to run on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.
HTC One X+ - Will It Look Like This?
HTC One X+ - Will It Look Like This?

AnTuTu’s website also reveals a picture depicting what might be HTC’s upcoming flagship phone refresh, and the display doesn’t seem to be smaller but, it’s hard to tell and the picture might not be authentic to begin with. The one thing I can say is that the device in the picture reminds me of the Thunderbolt. It must be the speaker grille and the color.
That concludes the story, for now. We’ll keep you up to date, but until then feel free to drop us a line and share your thoughts with us.

Seeing that iPhone 5 sells in file numbers, RIM's BlackBerry devices deal with for shelf space.

As the smartphone market continues to evolve into a two-player race between Apple and Google's Android, other players like Microsoft and more specifically RIM are slowly but surely being shoved aside to a greater degree.
Indeed, RIM's fall from grace has been nothing short of astonishing, and may very well prove to be an important case study which highlights how a disruptive new product can turn a powerhouse tech company into an afterthought in just a few years time.
While RIM is pinning its hopes on BlackBerry 10, there's no denying that the company in the meantime is faltering. Not only do sales continue to drop, but a new report from Pacific Crest analyst James Faucette details how BlackBerry devices aren't even getting the shelf space they've been accustomed to. And it's hard to argue with the logic; after all, if a product isn't selling, why waste valuable shelf space on it. 
Now contrast this with the recently released iPhone 5 which, according to some analysts, may move upwards of 10 million units this weekend alone.
But returning to RIM, Faucette notes in his report, which was obtained by All Things D:
Our sell-through checks in the United States indicate that BlackBerry sales were largely unchanged in August versus July; however, we detected meaningfully lower inventory levels versus a month ago. In terms of sell-through, we believe that current run rates are roughly one-fifth of those we saw in the United States just eight months ago. Further, we found a meaningful number of carrier retail locations which had not sold a single BlackBerry in over a month.
And with the holiday shopping season looming on the horizon, it appears that smartphone buyers will once again be ignoring RIM for the sake of Apple's iPhone and a slew of Android devices.
As for the BlackBerry 10, which will be based on QNX, it's anticipated that devices running RIM's new OS will hit stores in early 2013. And oh yes, said devices will feature a full capacitive touchscreen.
And in case you're wondering what some of these devices might look like, a designer put together a video render of a BlackBerry 10 device based upon leaked images

Making luxury affordable for smartphone lovers

Muzaffar Rizvi / 23 September 2012

TAG Heuer has launched a breakthrough Swiss communication instrument for luxury smartphone lovers in Dubai by introducing an innovative product inspired by GT sportscars and luxury jets.
The luxury brand entered into a new segment in next generation telephony with the launch of aerodynamic TAG Heuer Racer. The new initiative will help the company to expand the client base for luxury market.

The innovative smartphone, which steeped in motor-racing lore and constructed from the most advanced materials in aeronautics, is offered to those who want luxury as well as performance at the affordable price.
Unlike the previous two smartphones — TAG Heuer Meridiist and Link — the Racer is being marketed from Dh11,600 onwards. It is powered with a mastering speed processor of one GHZ, 16 million of colours screen resolution, a large 3.5” display, a high-definition five-mega pixel auto-focus camera and a 640x480 pixel VGA video front camera, 11 hours of music play time, and, through its avant-garde Android operating system, download access to over 400,000 applications.

“TAG Heuer Racer is the world’s first Swiss luxury touchscreen smartphone that is launched to attract more customers towards high-end products as we make the luxury affordable,” Serge Simon, general manager of Atelier HC — the company that manufactures the TAG Heuer Racer smartphone, told Khaleej Times on the sidelines of launch event in Dubai.

Atelier Haute Communication, formerly known as ModeLabs Manufacture SAS, has successfully developed, industrialised and commercialised several prestigious collections for TAG Heuer, Christian Dior and Versace mobile phone ranges since 2008.
“Dubai is the launching pad of Racer in Middle East and now we plan to market this product in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon and other countries of the region,” Simon said. He said the product has already been launched in UK, France, Russia, China, Hong Kong, India and Turkey.
The Swiss brand, known for its luxury watches, eyewear, fashion mobile phones and lifestyle accessories, announced the launch of Racer earlier this March. Following that the company has now made the devices available at selective 350 fashion boutiques and lifestyle stores across the world. In the UAE, the innovative communication device will be available at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons outlets in Dubai and TAG Heuer boutiques in the UAE.

“The Racer is a marvel of leading-edge design and handcrafted workmanship,” he said, adding that the smarphone is built from lightweight components and shockproof construction material.
“It’s composite materials — titanium grade 2, light and strong carbon fibre, black PVD, 316L stainless steel, rubber — were first used in professional motor-sports and aeronautics. The sporty yet timelessly elegant look comes from high-end GT cars, while its aggressive and energetic lines are direct expressions of TAG Heuer’s unique DNA,” he explained.

The Swiss smartphone-manufacturing firm has engaged in investment over several projects in order to develop unequalled expertise in all the phases of value chain. It integrates conception, design expertise and technological know-how to ensure qualitative and selective distribution over three continents in department stores, fashion boutiques and watch and fashion jewellery stores.
Swiss-engineered, French-built and powered by Android, the world’s most intelligent operating system, the Racer has a new lightning-fast and completely customized 3D interface. It will compete with Nokia’s Vertu, Armani and Christian Dior handsets in the upper luxury category.

Luxury market expansion
Simon, who also served other luxury brands such as Dior and Versace, said the luxury market will continue to see a steady growth in foreseeable future despite the slowdown in global economies and debt crisis in Europe.
“The luxury market may experience a slowdown due to crisis in Europe and US, but I still expect a strong double-digit growth amid considering the demand for luxury products in key markets in Asia,” he said.
To a question about the luxury phone market, he said: “Globally, the share of luxury phones is estimated at 0.005 per cent and it is expected to reach 0.5 per cent of the total market during next five years.”
“Luxury market is picking up and we see a good time ahead. We are creating a new range in luxury category to attract more customers in emerging markets and other developing countries.”
Referring to slow growth in the category, he said the manufacturing of luxury smartphone is not an easy task amid considering fast developments on technological front and various technical issues in combining the luxury and next generation telephony.

“The manufacturing of luxury smartphone usually takes up to two years and that is the reason we plan only one model in a year,” he said.
He said the despite being a niche category, the luxury mobile phone business will overtake the watch industry. “Mobile phone is the hottest accessory and we see it growing in coming years,” he said.
In reply to a question, he said TAG Heuer may consider launching a smartphone that can be used by both male and female.
“We don’t have any immediate plan to introduce women only product, but some products are in the pipeline that may be launched for both genders.”
Simon, a telecom veteran of more than 10 years, said Middle East is the key market for luxury products. “The Middle East, together with China and Russia, is the fast growing luxury market and accounts for about 70 per cent of TAG Heuer’s total business.”
He said Dubai is not only a business hub in the region, but it is also considered a top market for luxury products.
“We are confident about the success of TAG Heuer Racer in the region and it is expected to give 50 per cent sales boost to the company’s business this year,” he concluded.

20 Best Android apps this week

it's been an exceptionally busy week for new Android apps around the Google Play store, so this weekly roundup is back up to 20 apps.

As ever before, games are not included, as there is a separate weekly post for new mobile and tablet games. The latest one includes quite a few Android games: Sky Gamblers: Go up of Glory, Bingo Blitz, Labyrinth two, Monster Warlord, Prince of Persia Basic, The Curse, Critter Escape along with Judge Dredd vs. Zombies.

The weekly Best iPhone and iPad Apps post will abide by later in the day. For the moment, here are the 20 most notable new Android apps from the past seven days:
Chameleon Launcher

Chameleon Launcher's developer raised over $66k on Kickstarter earlier in 2012 to generate its "better Home Screen for your Android tablet", and now it's out inside the wild. It aims to place a better-looking spin on Android's default widget system, with several of its and an API for developers to generate others. It's built for tweaking way too: users can create several different home screens, and set "context rules" to switch between them in different occasions and locations.
Amazon MP3

Not, admittedly, a new app, nonetheless it now has a new service for Brits. Amazon launched its Amazon Cloud Player in england this week, enabling people to play the songs they've stored inside their music locker. New purchases through the MP3 Store are also automatically included in the Cloud Player.
Talking Ginger

The popularity of Outfit7's Talking Friends apps can be gauged by the point that Talking Ginger has more than 500, 000 installs on Android a matter of days right after its release. As with other apps inside the series, its animal hero will speak your words back, with a focus on his bedtime routine designed to appeal to children.
St John Ambulance First aid

St John Ambulance has launched a state app for Android phones providing its latest first-aid and emergency advice, complete with illustrated guides along with voice instructions for use each time a situation arises. The organisation is keen to stress it's mostly not a replacement for an entire course or first-aid manual.
GWR2013 Augmented Reality

This year's Guinness World Records book includes its own augmented reality accomplice app, used to bring sharks, slam-dunking parrots, bird-eating spiders and world's shortest men one's and jumping out of the pages.
Scosche RHYTHM

The latest fitness app for Android was created to be used with a real accessory, namely Scosche's RHYTHM Armband Beat Monitor. The idea being which you wear the armband while working, and the app tracks your vital signs and makes them readily available for later analysis. Music features and "motivational voice prompts" can also be provided.

Subscription music service eMusic launched an Android app in the united states earlier in 2012, but now it's been made available in england. Anyone can use it being the music already stored on the phone or tablet, while also getting recommendations on new songs they might like. Paying eMusic subscribers can also download music through the service itself.
ICC Cricket

Just with time for the World Twenty20 tournament, the International Cricket Council has released a state Android app. Its focus will be on news and team facts, but also ball-by-ball text comments during matches, live audio and video highlights during the tournament.

Get in a right 808-state with this "electronic audio rhythm composer" for Android units. It's launching with a digital version from the famous TR-808 drum machine, that has a TB-303 bass-synthesizer to come in a very future update. Expect plenty involving effects, sounds and "linear along with logarithmic knobs and bars". Which is always nice.
Bloomberg Radio+

Bloomberg continues to be probably the most active broadcasters when it relates to launching apps for multiple platforms. Its latest Android app gives its radio station to mobile devices, streaming live audio round the clock, while also making shows and interviews available on-demand. Expertly, it also shows you stock chart and data while they're being discussed on-air.

Are smartphones eradicating off standalone cameras? Not SLRs but. In fact, this Android app was created to work with an SLR camera, triggering it using modes which includes timelapse, long-exposure and Star Trek. A separate hardware dongle is required for the actual connection regarding the Android device and the camera, though.

In a high-profile week for everyone things mobile and mappy, Geoloqi provides released its GPS logging along with location-sharing app. Its focus is something we've seen before – a chance to share your location with good friends in real-time. It's been created using Geoloqi's API, which it can be touting to other developers, and this is as much a showcase for the as a standalone app.
Problems Signal

Billing itself as "the comprehensive mobile emergency solution", this app wants to help people contact the community emergency services, even if they're not inside their home country. The idea: it sends an emergency text with the user's current location for the emergency services, translated into the area language. The service currently works in a very few countries: the UK, Ireland in europe, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Philippines along with Iceland, but a wider rollout is on the way.
Sig. Gen.

Another musical model here: an audio signal generator that's actively attempting to look "as if it were knocked together in a very garden shed". It's a large knob, basically, which can be twisted to generate noises, including chords and weighing scales.

We can't shy from this: the name is bad. NuffnangX is also getting a mixed reception on Google Play for the standard of its initial release, but the theory behind it is interesting: ways to find and follow blogs through browsing one-line summaries, while also commenting with them – if the blogs help the NuffnangX technology.
Michael Manley Motiv8

Fresh from his TV commentating stint in the Olympic Games, former athlete Michael Johnson has taken his fitness app to Android. It follows the pattern laid down by others inside the genre, tracking your runs while playing music from your collection. The twist being that Manley himself provides vocal encouragement as you go along.

Dig out your neon trousers and celebrate the kick off of Insomniac's official Android request. The company promotes music festivals and events in the united states, including EDM-favourite the Electric Daisy Carnival. Its app provides information and content dependant on all its events, including photographs, videos and its own loading radio station.

Launching a new app to store notes, images and links? A tough concern, given the popularity of Evernote. All the same, MyShelf is having a bust at it, with the promise so it exchanges data across devices without ever storing it inside the cloud, using Wi-Fi or USB.
Pray With Me

This app features a very specific focus: "A personal vocal assistant designed to help with perfecting the pronunciation from the Arabic verse for the 5 regular prayers (salat), while the user will be performing salat". It includes several recordings to assist users get the pronunciation proper, with a percentage of revenues likely to charities.
Stay. com City Courses, Offline Maps

More maps in this article from Stay. com, which is touting the thinking behind "social travel guides" – some thing we've seen from other startups like Gogobot. In this case, there exists actually a dual focus. This app helps people create collaborative journey plans with friends, while also plotting everything with an offline map for non-wallet-shrieking use abroad.

That's our selection, but what have you been using on your Android gadget this week? Make your tips, or give feedback on the apps above, by posting a comment.

Many US stores had sell outs of iPhone 5s.

It was possible to walk into a store Saturday and buy an iPhone 5, but it took some hunting.
Some stores reported having Apple's newest phone available for walk-up customers, though not all versions of it. A random check of about a dozen stores indicated that most were sold out.
A Verizon store in New York City said the 32 and 64 gigabyte models, but not the 16 GB version, were available. A Sprint store in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota, said all but the most expensive 64 GB iPhone 5s were sold out.
"Before we were even scheduled to open, we were pretty much out," said Eric Rayburn, a worker at a Sprint store in Phoenix.
The iPhone 5 went on sale Friday, igniting intense interest around the world. Apple's website said phones bought online would ship in three to four weeks. Verizon's website said they would ship by Oct. 19.
It's hardly uncommon for supply shortages to make it difficult to get new iPhones in the first days after their release. For Apple, the iPhone introduction is the biggest revenue driver of the year. Analysts say the company will likely sell millions of phones in the first few days.
There were long lines Friday at Apple's stores in Asia, Europe and North America as customers pursued the new smartphone. Apple and the phone companies haven't provided sales figures from the first day. Apple is expected to announce early results Monday
Last year, Apple said on the Monday after the launch of the iPhone 4S that it had sold 4 million in the first three days.

Obama rates for bids to secure Wisconsin vote.

President Barack Obama worked to quash Republican hopes of capturing a key swing state, pushing back against his rival's arguments against an overly intrusive government.
Republican nominee Mitt Romney countered with his own appeal to middle-class voters, saying the president had fostered a culture of "government dependency" that hinders upward mobility.
With their first debate in less than two weeks, the two men and their campaigns have begun to engage at an accelerated pace.
Both men were also devoting considerable time to raising campaign cash to bankroll the deluge of ads already saturating hotly contested states.
Mr Obama entered the weekend with polls showing him in a near tie with Mr Romney nationally.
But a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist Poll shows the president with leads among likely voters of eight percentage points in Iowa and five points each in Colorado and Wisconsin, all battleground states. Polls published earlier this week pointed to leads for Mr Obama in Virginia and Ohio.
In a potential opening for Mr Romney, new state-by-state unemployment numbers show rises in August unemployment in five swing states. These swing states do not reliably vote Democratic or Republican and are likely to decide the outcome of the November 6 election.
Obama campaign manager Jim Messina saw good signs all over, saying: "We're either tied or in the lead in every battleground state 45 days out. I think you will see a tightening in the national polls going forward."
Mr Obama travelled to Wisconsin, a state that his campaign had considered safely in his column but which Obama aides seem eager to fortify in case Mr Romney's running mate, Wisconsin native and congressman Paul Ryan, can erode the president's support.
It was Mr Obama's first visit to Wisconsin since February. Mr Obama won Wisconsin easily in 2008 but Mr Ryan is popular there and recent polls have Mr Obama up by single digits.

Rihanna posts racy stripper pic on Twitter: Naked woman covered in dollar bills

Rihanna is out to prove just how “Rated R” her life really is.
The singer snapped a racy shot of a stripper with cash stuffed in her mouth and shared it on Twitter Thursday with more than 25 million followers.
It’s not the first X-rated shot Rihanna has shared on Twitter.
She posted a photo in May that shows her flinging bills and dancing with two scantily-clad strippers.
“Best stress reliever = $tripper$. Kill it Tip it #Cake,” she tweeted at the time.

2 killed in Libyan anti-militia protests.

Two Libyan protesters were killed and dozens wounded early yesterday as hundreds of demonstrators attacked militia compounds in a surge of anger at armed groups in Benghazi whose unchecked powers led to last week's killing of the U.S. ambassador.
For many Libyans, the Sept. 11 attack on the United States Consulate in Benghazi was the last straw in one of the biggest problems Libya has faced since last year's ouster and death of longtime dictator Moammar Gadhafi: the multiple mini-armies armed with machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades that are stronger than government security forces.
But in an indication of government fears of a sudden security vacuum without the militias it relies on to keep order, officials called on protesters to respect "legitimate" militias.
While the late Friday protests were planned in advance through social networking sites and fliers, the storming of the heavily armed militia headquarters took many by surprise.
After breaking off from a huge anti-militia march -- the biggest in the eastern city since the fall of Gadhafi's regime last October -- protesters overtook a building used by Islamist militia Ansar al-Sharia, set fire to a vehicle and offices after freeing three detainees held in an underground cell. The group is linked to the killing of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.
Protesters on foot and in cars, some carrying guns and others machetes, moved to another heavy armed compound on Benghazi's outskirts that houses Rafallah Sahati militia.
Panicked, Libyan government officials urged protesters to differentiate between what it called "legitimate and nonlegitimate" militias.

Toronto’s public health department expands HPV vaccine plan for teen girls.

Toronto Public Health is expanding its Human Papillomavirus vaccine program to give teenage girls who missed their HPV vaccinations in Grade 8 a chance to get the shots for free at clinics throughout the city.
The vaccine protects against certain strains of HPV, which is the primary cause of genital warts and the agent behind about 70 per cent of cervical cancers.
The expansion to the vaccine program began at a temporary clinic at the Scarborough Civic Centre in the city’s east end on Monday, where girls aged 13 to 19 could receive inoculations.
Lisa Li, 17, was one of the dozens of girls at the clinic. She said most of the teens she knows were inoculated when they were in Grade 8.
“You could choose whether or not to get it and I guess my dad chose for me not to get it at that time,” she said.

‘Everyone is at risk’

Every woman is a risk, ” doctors say with regards to cervical cancer. But as as it happens, every man is at possibility, too, because other cancers are likewise caused by or linked to the human papillomavirus or HPV.

HPV is usually a family of about a hundred varieties of viruses, of which seven are normally found to be “oncogenic” or cancer-causing, with two types—16 and 18—linked to be able to 70-80 percent of cervical cancer malignancy cases. But HPV has also been linked to cancers in some other sites—the vulva, the anus, the pinnacle and neck, the throat, the vagina along with the penis.

Most people will get infected with HPV at one time or another because it is spread most commonly by “skin-to-skin” contact, or hitting the ground with infected towels, bed sheets, or even makeup brushes. HPV infection can sometimes cause skin warts (which need to be removed by “cauterization” or burning them away) or genital warts, which may be “icky” but will not cause cancer.

But genital warts will also be considered “markers” for possible infection by other HPV types, because they are indicators of sexual activity and also of HPV infection. During your “HPV Summit” held last Wednesday, I joked with Dr. Cecile Llave in the National Cancer Institute that nowadays, before jumping into bed which has a man, a woman should ask your pet to strip off his pants so she can check for the presence of genital warts. And if a widower lost his wife as a result of cervical cancer, it would be a good idea for his future wife to possess him undergo an HPV-DNA test to find out if he is a carrier in the deadlier HPV types.

* * *

Plainly have put a damper on your sex drive with all this particular talk of HPV, don’t get worried. Most adults will get infected with HPV of their lifetime, but the majority of infections will disappear in a short while.

In the early part in the last century, a test was also developed to the presence of “precancerous” lesions in or about the cervix. Known as the “Pap Smear, ” the test is definitely the “gold standard” for cervical cancer malignancy screening. But since the “pap” needs lab work done to get the results, in “low resource” settings, like most areas of your Philippines, it can be not practical and costly. This is why the most typical test employed today here will be the VIA, or “visual inspection as a result of acetic acid wash, ” which needs only ordinary table vinegar applied to the cervical area, observed by the trained nurse or midwife regarding signs of lesions.

The VIA has additionally been paired with what is named the “single visit approach, ” during which visible or suspicious lesions are usually “cauterized” (“making your cervix a frozen delight” is how Doctor. Llave puts it), eliminating the importance for a follow-up visit regarding treatment.

As long as there're detected early, there is a pretty good chance that precancerous lesions could be treated and eliminated, because you will need about 10 years before lesions grow into cancer. Which makes it increasingly puzzling and tragic why countless Filipino women die from cervical cancer malignancy, the number roughly equivalent for the toll of maternal deaths. And this is because that too many women have got their first screenings done too late.

* * *

The most hopeful news about HPV is there are now two types of vaccines you can purchase that protect young women and also men from getting infected with all the HPV.

The bivalent vaccine guards from infection from HPV sorts 16 and 18, which cause most cases of cervical cancer malignancy, and the quadrivalent vaccine guards against types 16 and 17, as well as the two most common types causing genital warts.

Previously recommended only reserved for girls and women, the quadrivalent vaccine is currently recommended for use on boys and men as well, in the Philippines as well as in the usa and in Australia. Dr. Efren Domingo in the University of the Philippines Higher education of Medicine, who spoke on the vaccines during the “Bulong-Pulungan sa Sofitel, ” said early vaccination is recommended “before exposure”—that will be, before an individual engages in sexual activity. Which is why guidelines set the “optimal” age for vaccination with between 9 and 12 yrs . old, with “catch-up” immunization for girls and boys between 13 and 26 yrs . old.

But the real bad news to the Philippines is that only about one percent in the target population of preadolescents, teens and young adults are already vaccinated since the introduction of the vaccines many years ago.

* * *

The most common reason given for this low uptake on the vaccines is cost. The HPV vaccine is given in a series of three injections over six several weeks, with the cost having been down from P6, 500 per dose before you start, to P3, 500 per measure today, or nearly half the charge.

Representatives of MSD, which produced and markets Gardasil, the quadrivalent vaccine, say that at its current price tag, “the Philippines enjoys the most affordable price for the HPV vaccine on this planet. ”

Despite the proven efficacy and safety in the vaccine, many factors still preserve more people from accessing your vaccine. At present, the vaccine can be purchased only in the clinical establishing, among private pediatricians or ob-gyns. And never all doctors are all that convinced around the need for a vaccine among nonsexually active youth.

The Filipino government, except for a few town units which have made the HPV vaccines important, has yet to include these in its expanded program involving immunization. In Australia, by compare, the HPV is given for free, through the public school method, while in the United Says, the HPV vaccine is given inside clinical setting, covered by health care insurance.

At the “HPV Summit, ” a representative of PhilHealth revealed that while state health care insurance covers screening for cervical cancer malignancy, it has yet to consider insurance for vaccines, despite the tested savings in potential health charges.

The Jesus Conspiracy

It’s also been six years since National Geographic uncovered, amid much fanfare and conversation, the existence of a heretofore-unknown document that appeared to retell the New Testament narrative from the viewpoint of Judas Iscariot. That experience really should have been a cautionary tale regarding the intersection of Biblical archaeology and also media sensationalism: The first wave of coverage suggested that this document painted Judas as a misunderstood hero who was “only obeying his master’s desires when he betrayed Jesus with a kiss, ” but the evidence soon mounted this sensationalistic claim relied on doubtful translation decisions, and that the Judas inside fragmentary gospel might well actually function as the embodiment of a Gnostic “king of demons” instead of Jesus’s most loyal friend.

It’s possible which a similar reassessment may be waiting for you for this month’s entry inside “lost gospel” genre, a fragment of an fourth-century transcription of a late-second century Gnostic text made up of a line in which Jesus seems to refer to Mary Magdalene while his wife. Indeed, the document may ultimately make an outright forgery or fraudulence, as some scholars are witout a doubt suggesting. But from the viewpoint of Christian faith and the pursuit of the Jesus of history, it actually doesn’t matter everything much either way. Even if this scrap of text continues to be authentically identified and interpreted, it still tells us a lot more about the religious preoccupations of our own own era, and particularly the very American desire to refashion Jesus of Nazareth inside our own image rather than allowing go of him altogether, than and also about the Jesus who actually lived and preached in Palestine inside early decades A. D.

This passage through the Smithsonian Magazine story on the actual discovery puts it well:

[Harvard's Karen] King makes no claim because of its usefulness as biography. The text was probably composed in Greek a hundred years or so after Jesus’ crucifixion, and then copied into Coptic some a couple of centuries later. As evidence that this real-life Jesus was married, the actual fragment is scarcely more dispositive in comparison with Brown’s controversial 2003 novel, The Da Vinci Code.

Precisely. And what’s true from the new text has been true of nearly all alternative gospel, “lost” or usually, that ended up excluded through the Christian canon. Apart from the actual Gospel of Thomas, whose collection of gnostic-tinged sayings are sometimes claimed undertake a first century provenance, none of the endless apocryphal documents can compete with the actual New Testament – and specially the synoptic gospels and the Pauline epistles – in terms of historical proximity to the situations of Jesus’s life. They’re useful windows into the religious trends of subsequent ages, but they tell us next to nothing about what Jesus and also his earliest followers thought and also did and said.

This reality doesn’t make the brand new Testament narratives historically dispositive by simply any stretch: They are, in fact, works of religious persuasion which make extraordinary claims about their theme. But the absence of reputable alternative sources severely limits the specifications for claiming that the “real Jesus” was significantly not the same as the Jesus of Matthew, Indicate, Luke and John. To create that claim, you have for making the move that Professor King makes, further down in the actual Smithsonian piece, and assume that this evidence we conspicuously don’t have is somehow more telling than the sources that actually survived:

The question the discovery raises, King laughed and said, is, “Why is it that only the literature that said he was celibate survived? And all the texts that showed he had an intimate relationship with Magdalene or will be married didn’t survive? Is that 100 % happenstance? Or is it because that celibacy becomes the suited to Christianity? ”

Note the two options here for why we don’t have any direct proof a Mrs. Jesus: “Happenstance” for the one hand, or a type of historical rewrite job by the church fathers for the other. Randomness or cover-up; accident or conspiracy. The third probability, that “only the literature that said he was celibate survived” since Jesus actually was celibate and each of the early witnesses agreed on it is ruled out as somehow too straightforward, too easy, a possibility that this simpleminded entertain but the initiated necessarily reject.

This is a move that’s characteristic of a lot of the writing on the historic Jesus, both popular and academics. I wrote a great deal about it temptation toward conspiracy theorizing during my recent book, from which I’ll get the liberty of quoting:

Like Elizabethan buffs seeking the “real” Shakespeare, the questers for the historical Jesus turn into masters of detection and geniuses in codebreaking, capable of seeing by way of every cover-up and unpacking each con. Is there a dearth connected with evidence for alternative Christianities inside earliest history of the church? Why, then that very absence is itself evidence these Christianities existed—and then were cruelly covered up. Indeed, the whole of the brand new Testament represents a pure propaganda marketing campaign against these lost communities—and, gladly, we can recover their teachings and beliefs over the simple expedient of taking every claim manufactured in the canonical texts and treating it as being a polemic against a group, as well as groups, that held roughly the alternative beliefs.

Alternatively, if New Testament guides aren’t read as straightforward propaganda, they’re handled as palimpsests and pastiches, in whose complexities and inconsistencies the actual adept reader can discern previously traditions and older, purer strategies to being Christian, obscured by the propaganda mills from the early Church but visible inside stitchwork and legible between the actual lines. This licenses scholars in order to pore over centuries’ worth connected with early Christian texts, yanking out equipment that fit a particular thesis and also moving them forward or backward over time to prove whatever point they demand.

As for factual and theological consistencies in the earliest Christian texts—why, that’s just evidence that this various writers were all in for the conspiracy, all agents of the actual cover-up. The theological commonalities between Paul’s epistles and also Matthew or John only proves that this gospel writers did violence to the facts in order to vindicate a Pauline theology. The consistency from the Passion narratives across the several gospels is invoked as resistant that their authors colluded within a triumphalist fantasy.

And so it continues with today’s discovery. On the question, “was Jesus married?, ” each of the evidence still points toward a bare negative – and yet this obvious answer is ruled out a priori, in favor of more elaborate hypotheses about how a later “ideal of celibacy” drove the Christian churches to clear every reference the Jesus- Magdalene relationships using their texts and gospels and practices. Which, not coincidentally, happens for being roughly Dan Brown’s explanation for how and why reality about Jesus’s marriage was protected up.

The analogy to “The Da Vinci Code” rankles teachers, of course. “Dr. King said she wants nothing to do with the code or its article author, ” my colleague Laurie Goodstein notes in her story for the newly discovered text, and estimates King saying: “At least, don’t state this proves Dan Brown had been right. ” But if they don’t want people to make the analogy, they shouldn’t imitate his arguments.

Google axes music download service in China

Google Inc will close down its online music download service in China next month because of pressure from its rivals like Baidu Inc and Tencent's QQ.
The service will close on October 19, Google said.
"This is part of an ongoing effort across Google to bring greater focus to our portfolio of products," the Shanghai Daily Saturday quoted the company as saying.
"Our goal is to simplify and improve the Google experience for our users and to devote more resources to high impact products that improve the lives of billions of people."
In its Chinese-language company blog, the US-based search giant admitted that the music website's impact had been "less than expected".
As with Google's core online search business, the music service found it difficult to compete with its domestic rivals, according to the newspaper.
By the end of second quarter, Google had 15.7% of the online search market in China, the world's biggest internet market with 538 million computer users.
That was far behind market leader Baidu, which had a 78.6% market share.
Google's market share declined from more than 30% to 15% after it moved its China servers to Hong Kong in 2010.
Google's music website made its debut three years ago.

Sympathy for iOS 6 Maps: Apple

There’s a been a lot of discussion this week about Apple‘s (AAPL) decision to replace Google (GOOG) maps with its own in the update of its iOS software. I don’t think the decision is the “disaster” or “catastrophe” some suggest.
I appreciate the former application. In fact, it was one of my favorite in iOS. I lament the loss of Google Street View, especially.
And certainly the many errors hilariously chronicled by TheAmazingiOS6Maps are terrible.
Mapping is, yes, hard to do, and Apple is playing catch-up where Google and Nokia (NOK) and others have spent years investing serious effort. Apple will get better with time. Probably the decision came long before Steve Jobs passed away. And so I don’t think this is a sign of Apple “peaking,” as Joe Nocera writes this week in The New York Times.
(Just as an aside, Nocera’s article is a good one, but it omits the many times under Steve Jobs’s leadership that Apple received mixed reviews or seemed to fail. “Antennaegate” is just one example. The MacBook Air received limpid praise when unveiled on January 15th, 2008, not having enough plugs, lacking an optical drive, being too pricey etc. Today it is the model for every modern laptop. The iPhone 3GS was heavily derided as a retread but went on to sell millions of units long after newer models were introduced. Steve Jobs’s leadership is thus, sometimes, mischaracterized as being one of explosions of innovation that were all wise, perfect, and all instantly appreciated. In fact, the truth is more complicated.)
No, this is a development that is the delayed consequence of a major stand-off between two companies that were once partners and are now enemies. Under Jobs, Apple might have waited longer, rather than rushing out something that sacrificed the user experience. But it’s not a fatal flaw, it’s a mistake.
And so it goes. Hopefully, Apple will work doubly hard to resolve the mess.
Here’s one thing to consider in defense of the program. Despite all the bugs, where Apple’s three-dimensional renderings actually work, they work rather well, I think.
Growing up, I was a big fan of the classic perspective map of Manhattan, of the type made by Herman Bollmann and those that followed in his tradition. The evolution of such maps is brilliantly chronicled by Jim Hughes in a post at Codex99 from November of 2011.
The iMaps, we’ll call them, remind me a bit of those printed perspective maps. To see parts of New York City, or towns, rendered in three dimensions, really gives one a sense of being oriented in a particular place, more so than over-head satellite imagery used in Google maps. At the same time, Apple could learn from the design and the cartographic techniques used by Bollmann and his successors, which balanced detail with clarity.
I like the 3-D views, and I hope that Apple will press on and fix The Brooklyn Bridge and other grand mistakes in the program, and realize the venture’s true potential.

Pelleve Skin Tightening- Eradicate Sagging Skin

Pelleve skin tightening is extremely well known for delivering cosmetic plastic surgery process. Skin tightening lasers are growing in popularity today. In addition, this surgery can often be referred as laser skin shrinking. This process uses radioactive energy and radiates heat to remove the unwanted signs of growing older, which includes fine lines in addition to wrinkles. Laser skin techniques are expensive but are considered among the safest and least invasive methods. Pelleve skin tightening is known for his or her best quality of product material they offer.

Some people use anti-wrinkle cream in order to remove wrinkles and linings in your face. Many creams are strong and produce effective results in opposition to anti-aging. However, it takes around months to demonstrate real effectiveness on your deal with. There are different types connected with other procedures, which exist which include surgical face-lifts and chemical peels as well. There might be some serious unwanted side effects and cause pain. The majority of population those who find themselves interested in improving their appearance can select skin tightening lasers. The to start with thing which needs to end up being realized is that skin tightening procedures works for those of all type of epidermis tones and types.

Pelleve works for anyone. If you are suffering in the problem of sagging skin close to your neck, face or any other host to your body such as stomach you have to be treated with laser therapy. In case you have wrinkles and linings on your face and you wish to remove it then you can take the assistance of this well renowned therapy. You should not simply plan and can have appointment with all the doctor at any point of energy. For the meeting you should plan earlier and fix any prior appointment with the doctor to save lots of your time and money as well. According to your lifestyle in addition to location, you need to avoid sunlight in most of the cases.

Real Therapy Schools – Get Enrolled For your Right Carrier Move

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There are agencies that assess or provide grading to these schools depending on a serious set of expectations. The basic fact that ought to be understood is that your school should be accredited so as to hold a valid license. You should hold a valid degree so as to sit in the state level licensing exams of this state. You can opt to these types of licensed Physical Therapy Assistant Schools so as to hold a valid license and may complete your certification courses likewise.

IPhone 5 sells out at many stores nationwide

It was possible to walk into a store Saturday and buy an iPhone 5. But it took some hunting.
Some stores reported having Apple's newest phone available for walk-up customers. But a random check of about a dozen stores indicated that most were sold out.
A Verizon store in New York City said the phone was available. A Sprint store in a suburb of St. Paul, Minn., said all but the most expensive...

$100,000 reward for killing of maker of anti-Prophet Muhammad film

A Pakistani government minister on Saturday announced a $100,000 bounty for the killing of the person who produced an online film that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad.
Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour also asked the Taliban and al-Qaida to extend support to the would-be killer.
Speaking at a press conference at the Peshawar Press Club, the federal minister said whoever is responsible for blasphemy deserves death.
"The American who produced the sacrilegious film in the U.S. is also liable to death and we will shower dollars on the one who killed the blasphemer. If members of the banned militant organizations kill the maker of the blasphemous movie, they will also be rewarded," Bilour announced.
He called for legislation to have the anti-blasphemy law at the global level so that no one could hurt the religious emotions of the Muslims in the name of the freedom of expression.
He said the situation would remain tense until anti-blasphemy law was enacted at the world level.
Bilour condemned the work of the filmmaker, saying it distressed the Muslims across the world.  However, he also condemned the violence during the protests on Friday, which was declared a national holiday in honor of Muhammad, saying it could defame Muslims and their religion.
Bilour said the government had already announced that the police and other law-enforcers would give protesters the opportunity to peacefully condemn the filmmaker and would not crack down on them with baton. "The law-enforcers had also been asked not to fire at the protesters until they remain peaceful," he added.

French Muslim arrested for incitement

FRENCH police on Saturday arrested a man for apparently calling on a jihadi website for the decapitation of the editor of a magazine that published cartoons mocking Mohammed, a judicial source said.
  The man was detained in the western city of La Rochelle for calling on the radical website for the head of satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo, which on Wednesday published cartoons of a naked Prophet.
"The essential thing is not to let him live in peace," the man allegedly wrote.
  Police have opened a preliminary probe on charges of incitement to commit murder, the source said.
France's Muslim leaders on Friday urged militants not to defy a ban on protests over the cartoons, as a security alert closed the country's embassies across the Islamic world.
Interior Minister Manuel Valls has made it clear he will not sanction any demonstrations this weekend on the grounds they will inevitably represent a threat to public order.

The cartoons were published as often violent - and sometimes deadly - protests continued across the world against an anti-Islam film made in the US that enraged many Muslims.
A rowdy protest at the film close to the US embassy in Paris last weekend led to 150 arrests and there have been calls on social networks for another demonstration in central Paris on Saturday.

iPhone 5 draws big crowds worldwide

Apple fans queued in Asia, Europe and North America on Friday for the new iPhone 5, which appeared set to break sales records despite lukewarm reviews and complaints about its mapping system.
The crowds of eager buyers looked set to make the latest iPhone a huge commercial success for the trend-setting US tech giant. Some analysts say Apple may sell 10 million in just the first days of the launch.
"I've been waiting for eight days, I'm so happy right now," said Keenen Thompson, one of the first among several hundred people outside the Apple store on New York's Fifth Avenue.
First in line at Montreal's Apple store was Jonathan Moreau, 28, who said he would replace his iPhone 4S "which I don't use for work, but just for me." The new model, he said, "is faster, with a better display, a better camera."
At the Apple store in Bethesda, Maryland, Kirsten Mentzer, a university student who came with her sister and parents to get the new gadget, secured the first spot. "It's fun to spend time with other Apple friends," she said. "I've always been part of the Apple community. My parents raised me on an old MacBook."
Mike Bishop of Bethesda said he was "really excited" about the new iPhone and had been waiting to replace his broken iPhone 4.
Asked if he would consider another phone, Bishop said: "Once you use an iPhone, you don't go back to any other brand. The main thing is the refinement at every level."
Australians were the first to get their hands on the device.
In Sydney, faithful fans filmed the experience on their iPhones and iPads as staff inside clapped and cheered when doors opened at 8:00 am (2200 GMT Thursday).
Companies looking for publicity took advantage of the media frenzy accompanying the launch, with the first dozen or so in the queue wearing promotional T-shirts or carrying advertising materials.
"Seven of us are here from our company, since midday Tuesday," said Todd Foot, 24, who was first in the line and works for an organization that reviews mobile phones.
The same was true at Apple's store on London's Regent Street, where Richard Wheatcroft and George Horne camped out for seven nights to promote their bakery staffed by victims of domestic violence.
"We decided to buy four iPhones and auction them off. Anything raised will go towards the bakery," Wheatcroft told AFP.
Compared to the iPhone 4S, Apple's new smartphone boasts a bigger screen, stronger battery and faster connection to the latest 4G networks.
It is lighter and slimmer, and its operating system iOS 6 contains tweaks designed to improve the user's experience.
But many analysts say Apple has fallen short as other companies such as Samsung improve rival offerings powered by Google's Android operating system.
"Unless Apple ups its device innovation game, we may be seeing Apple's iOS empire approaching its zenith," said Tony Costa of Forrester Research.
Apple also faced a barrage of criticism after it ditched Google's maps application in favor of its own program riddled with errors. Many users protested that the new maps misplace some landmarks and leave others off altogether.
But enthusiasm among early-bird shoppers was undimmed as stores opened in Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Britain, the United States and Canada, the first of 100 countries where it will sell by the end of the year.
Ryoho Yamashita, a 23-year-old student, had queued since midnight outside a Softbank store in Tokyo and said there had been a celebratory atmosphere among those waiting.
"It's like a festival that I enjoy every year," he said.
In France, Apple's flagship Paris store was doing roaring business as a threatened strike by workers over a pay dispute failed to materialize, while some fans in the Netherlands were heading across the border to shop in Germany.
Apple shares rose to new record highs, gaining 0.6 percent to $702.88, boosting the market cap of the world's most valuable company to $659 billion.
Ben Reitzes, a Barclays analyst who attended the New York launch, said he was "positively surprised regarding the pace of the rollout."
"Given indications for demand, iPhone sales this weekend should far surpass prior sales records, although we acknowledge the risk that supply constraints and stock-outs could cause the record figure to actually be lower than it really should be," he said.
Deutsche Bank's Chris Whitmore said demand appeared "very robust" and that sales estimates have been too conservative.
He predicted Apple will sell 133 million iPhones by the end of 2012 and 180 million in 2013.

Bangladesh police, prophet film protesters clash

      Officials and witnesses say scores of people have been injured in a clash in Bangladesh's capital between police and hundreds of Muslims who were protesting a film produced in the United States that denigrates the Prophet Muhammad.
       Police say they fired tear gas and used batons on Saturday to disperse the stone-throwing protesters, who were from about a dozen Islamic groups. Witnesses say the protesters burned several vehicles. Dozens of protesters were arrested.
The clash erupted when police attempted to block the demonstration. All protests near the city's main Baitul Mokarram mosque have been banned since late Friday to avoid unrest.
       The protesters announced a nationwide general strike on Sunday to protest the police action.
The film has sparked violent protests throughout the Muslim world that have killed dozens.

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