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Friday, 16 November 2012

Google Maps app for Apple’s iPhone is coming soon.

The Google search engines app map is preparing a Maps app to the iPhone after Apple booted it out from the latest version of its iOS os. Google Maps had been the default mapping app for new iphone 4 since its launch in 2007 but Apple decided to go for its own maps answer in iOS 6. We realize where that story went. WSJ is claiming that Google is now giving final touches to their Maps app for iOS before it submits it towards App Store for Apple’s acceptance.

The news comes barely a couple of days after Nokia announced it had submitted its maps app, named HERE, to the App Store and is also expecting it to be available in a few weeks. Notably, WSJ claims that the Google Maps app on iOS additionally features turn-by-turn navigation, which was not present in the earlier default maps app that was powered by Google. Turn-by-turn navigation on Google Maps has become live in India on Android and we may assume that the same feature would be available only when it's released on iOS as very well.


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