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Friday, 16 November 2012

Google reportedly in talks with Dish Network with launching new wireless service.

Google has been in talks with satellite-TV provider Dish Network about partnering to produce a new wireless service, according to people near the situation. It’s worth noting that they can also said the talks weren’t advanced and could ultimately not amount to everything, and Google isn’t the only company that Dish have been talking with, but the possibility of  google entering direct competition with famous brands Verizon and AT&T is pretty exciting.

In 2008, Dish Community acquired wireless spectrum, and for the past year has been searching for a partner to begin constructing a wireless network. When asked concerning the negotiations, Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen wouldn't comment directly on Google, but said they had been in talks with companies interested on the market who don’t currently have an invisible business. He also said it would be easier to partner with a company that had some infrastructure previously established. (Google Fiber, anyone? ) The Google spokeswoman declined to thoughts.

Google has been trying to be able to push its influence and bring high-speed internet to a great number of, and it’s not too far-fetched when you consider buying wireless spectrum is one thing Google may consider. Google’s entire business is created around people using Google products to browse the web. The more people which may have cheaper, faster access to the internet are more people that are Google customers. And from an economic standpoint, faster, cheaper products and services mean more competition, which means better ways for consumers. Win-win situation.

Like I said earlier, these talks may turn out falling through and it won’t suggest anything. But, hey, if Google went about getting a wireless service going, I will guarantee I’d be one of these first customers.


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