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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Tweet Lanes additionally falls victim to Twitter's 100, 000-token control.

Several bad news for fans from the Tweet Lanes Twitter client. Developer Chris Lacy drops word tonight that the app won't be capable of getting past Twitter's 100, 000-user expression limit, which it's recently begun enforcing prior to the March 2013 API changes. (A promising Windows Phone 8 buyer also just bit the dust as a result as well. )

Writes Lacy:

Therefore it saddens me greatly to announce that going forward, I won't be actively developing Tweet Lanes as I have to this point. The cold hard reality is that with this immovable, 100, 000 person ceiling, my plans for growing and finally monetizing the app are don't feasible.

This will likely be disappointing news for a lot of of you, but given I spent a great chunk of my spare time for 10+ months working on this app, believe me after i say this decision pains me over it does anyone else.

I'm disappointed the app is not feature comprehensive, that I won't be competent to implement my planned premium functions, and that I won't have the ability to demonstrate some of the cool UX ideas I had (especially in the tablet space). Likewise, I continue to feel clearly that Twitter users are under-served about Android, and I regret that I won't have the ability to give my all to aim to change that situation.

For what it's worth, I have given serious consideration to creating and selling the latest 'Tweet Lanes Pro' application. Easily ever reached the 100k user limit for this application, that would clearly be worth my time, and I could do whatever I saw easily fit in creating that app in terms of Twitter's requirements. I am on the other hand, very hesitant about pursuing this strategy, as it seems like a slap in the face on the people who helped me encourage the app via 'free intended for life', even if this circumstance was as a result of factors outside of my control.

One little ray of sunlight is that Lacy says he will probably provide bugfixes and new functions "as time permits, " together with possibly ("if/when, " Lacy says) an App. net port.

Give Lacy's full post a read at the link below. And be sure to let Twitter really know what you think of its proceed to shut out developers.


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